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The Very Best Board Games You and Your Teens Will Love

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Game night with our teens is a favorite past time in our family. We have collected fantastic board games for teens and adults over the years, making it a fun night with lots of great options.

Most of us know that family game night helps create fantastic memories and moments of connection for the whole family. Our family has been finding ways to enjoy card, board, and dice games since our children were little. Now that they are older, I have to admit that family game night is even more fun!

The following games are part of our own personal collection of board games for teens and it helps that several of the games work well for younger children in the family too.

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Best Board Games for Teens and Tweens

Round up the teens (and their friends!) and get ready for a fantastic group game with this collection of board games (and card and dice games) your teens and tweens are sure to love.

Out of the Box Fun

These games included in this section aren’t the run of the mill board and card games. They are unique enough that I gave them their own category.

One Night Werewolf

This game creates a ton of laughter and fun. We pack it for family reunion vacations every time. It does involve lying and throwing shade at other people so things can get loud. I have to say that we always have a great (somewhat argumentative) time, but this one is definitely for the family who is okay with noise.

True Colors

I owned a previous version of this game in high school and have funny memories from our nights playing this one. Some of the content is adult, so you might want to preview the cards and remove any that you aren’t comfortable with.

Game Board Included Games


This one is my personal favorite game. I am hooked.


We have had this one for years, but the kids are so much better now that they are teens. It was a bit painful when they were younger. The good news is this is the type of game your younger kids can join in at their own level even if their clues aren’t great.


This one is a game of quiet strategy and I love it. It is for up to four players so it isn’t for larger groups.


This one isn’t easy, but my 12 year old son loves testing his skill. I tend to just do what he says because you either win together or lose together in this cooperative challenge.


I was so happy when we were able to leave the kids version of seqence to play the “real” one.

Prime Climb

Yes, you are going to practice your math facts when you play this one, but we love it just for fun as well.


So this one is only for two players, but is perfect when you are ready to pull out a game on a quiet night.

Let’s Roll the Dice Games

Liar’s Dice

This is a family favorite dating back to my own high school life. All of my kids love this one and they especially love tearing up their Poppy (my dad) when we play.


This is a favorite of my high school daughter, but we like to play with the triple yahtzee score cards.


This is another after dinner favorite. Quick and easy, but enough strategy to keep it interesting.

Dealer ‘Em Out Card Games

You’ve Got Problems

A friend brought this one when she game to visit and all of the kids cracked up. My kids immediately asked me to buy this one.


This one involves some lying and deception as part of the fun, but be careful because you can easily get called out.

Exploding Kittens

This one is often slipped into my purse when we go out to a coffee shop. It’s quick and fun. My kids love the artwork and silly characters.

Monopoly Deal

Sushi Go

Another great card game for a small or larger group.

Llama Drama

This game is brand new in the house and we play it several times a week right now. It’s a fantastic addition to our collection.

The Great Dalmuti

We bought this one four years ago after I played it all night long at a mom’s weekend. The entire family has enjoyed it since then and we still break it out after dinner.


A classic from my own childhood is still a game we like to pull out and play.


This is very simliar to the card game, “Golf.” My kids prefer this version for some reason, but they are pretty similar.


Bring out the classic fun and enjoy this one with your teens.


Challenging, yet fun for the family. We bought this one when tweens hit the scene and it is still a favorite. 

Apples to Apples

Additional Games for Fun


This one. It took a little bit of logic teaching, but now my son and I love to play together. 


This is another board game we have had for a long time, but the kids enjoy the strategy of it much more now that they are teens.


My kids recently discovered this one and asked how to play. They loved it and we played regularly for days.


Another fun game as the kids get older because you did need some spelling and vocabulary skills for this one.

Games for Teens I’d Like to Try

I don’t know anything about these games, but they look like fun. I’ve added several to my wishlist and hope to give them a try sometime. 

Box of Lies


We are a song loving family, so this one looks like a ton of fun!

Escape Room in a Box

I love a good escape room and this one connects to Amazon Alexa if you have one, so that’s a fun added element, though not required.

Pictionary Air

Friends have this one and recommended it. They had a blast playing with their teens and tweens.


I know we would all enjoy this visual dexterity game, but I haven’t taken the plunge quite yet.

It’s time to add a new game to your collection. Go shop now!

The Very Best Board Games You and Your Teens Will Love

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