Are Your Kids Home from School? This Note is for You.

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Dear Parent,

School closings have thrown off your routine and caused all sorts of logistical complications. And now everyone has a random break in the middle of the school year, which feels choatic and worrisome on top of all of the other worries right now.

So I want you to step back for a moment and mentally climb out of the chaos in front of you to look at the big picture.

You and your children are going to remember these weeks forever. One day you are going to look back and talk about 2020 when the schools closed and the NBA suspended games and we talked about hand washing more than normal.

And they are going to remember these random weeks at home with you.

So here is your permission and my encouragement to do something memorable with your time.

Watch a movie every. single. morning. Catch up on classic Disney, Pixar, or 80’s movies. Toss in a few musicals. Binge watch the Avengers series in order.

Eat cereal for lunch every day.

Have a picnic on the floor.

Give them 3 hours to play Minecraft or Roblox or PS4. Even better if it online with friends who are stuck at home as well.

Binge Netflix with your teens. I highly recommend Gilmore Girls.

Read a book aloud to everyone, even the teens. Audio books work well too.

Have a family sleepover.

Complete a table full of puzzles.

Play the board games that take FOREVER because you have plenty of time. I’m looking at you Catan and Monopoly. Personally, we have taken to playing Pandemic during the Pandemic and have only won one time out of 5 so far.

Eat ice cream for breakfast one morning.

Let everyone set a peronal and fun goal for the week – something they never have time to do and they want to accomplish. Anything from “finally beat the final boss on Zelda” to “learn the ukulele”. Give everyone time to make it happen!

The options are endless and varied depending on the ages of the kids in your house. Make a list of ideas that would make the next days more fun and less stressful for everyone. 

Because there is plenty of stress already and we are the ones who can reduce the stress in our own homes.

Now I know a lot of you are worried about school and I want you to know that your child’s academics are going to be fine. FINE. 

A few weeks isn’t going to throw off their academic career.

So unless your school has required work to complete, then you can simply play, enjoy an over abundance of screen time, and make some memories as a family without the stress of school. 

That said, I know that routine can be a life saver and necessary for a lot of parents and kids. 

I get it.

This is just a reminder to make some fun memories as part of that routine. 


PS. If you want some fun ideas for learning while you are at home together, then I’ve got you covered there too. But only because these particular ideas might be just as memorable and fun. 

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