23 Building Toys for Kids That They Will Love

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Building toys for kids are the best kind of gift because these toys encourage my children to build, design, and create. Creativity explodes when kids begin to play with well-designed building toys.

Admittedly, I don’t always appreciate the mess caused by the creativity explosion.  But I’ve learned to remember that creativity is messy and it is an important part of childhood.

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Investing in Toys for Building

I loved finding different building toys for kids over the years. I was always amazed at what my kids would create when given open-ended toys such as blocks. These toys encourage creativity and hours of fun play.

I have always found that investing in solid building toys was worth the price. I couldn’t always afford the top option, but I tried to invest in the best option in my price range. I knew the quality would be worth it over time.

As you make your list, remember to think about storage containers for your favorite building toys. We always kept a variety of Rubbermaid bins around the house for easy clean up and storage.

22 Building Toys for Kids

Natural Wooden Blocks

Tip: Purchase the largest building block set that your budget will afford. These blocks will last for years and generations. We have two large sets with some add-on blocks and after a decade, they are still being played with.

Keva Planks

There are a ton of Keva plank sets available. We began with this contraption set and the kids had a lot of fun with this building toy.

Stacking Rocks

Instead of blocks, your young child can enjoy these polyhedron stacking rocks. There are plenty of flat surfaces for creative stacking.


This is another building toy with a lot of size options. We found a great deal on this 500-piece set, which was important in a house with four kids. The idea books included help get everyone started with these toys.

Building Toys - Zoobs

Cardboard Bricks

These have provided hours of building fun, including walls for Nerf wars most recently. I have to admit, that the loud, dramatic knocking down seems to be the best part of building with this set!  We discovered that the red ones were the favorites.  The other smaller ones were not worth having in our house.


These are not inexpensive, but they are worth every cent. We began with a starter kit and we’d love to have more!

Lincoln Logs

Classic fun.  We have a set from my husband’s childhood as well as a set we picked up!

building Toys - Lincoln Logs


Perfect for your engineer or designer. The options are endless, but grab a classic set to get your family started.

Building Toys - Knex

Brain Flakes

Buidling Toys - brain Flakes


Magnets are always engaging. We have found toys like this to be perfect for creating and designing while mom is reading a book aloud. If you have multiple children, go for as large of a set as you can afford.

Building Toys - goobi

Q Ba Maze

A little different than the typical marble run, this one was very entertaining for our kids for quite some time. This stunt set was a great introduction and then we added on some other sets for more blocks along the way.

Building toys - Q Ba Maze

Find lots of building toys for kids on this christmas list.

Bristle Blocks

These classics are still in style as a creative building toy for your kids. One of the best parts about the bristle blocks is that they are relatively inexpensive. Start small and add on if your child likes them.

Brick Building Sets

You can find sets for little ones as well as big kids when it comes to block building sets. You’ll find a variety of colors and sizes so it is easy to find the perfect set.

Mega Bloks are fantastic for ages 1 and up. Lego Duplo sets are perfect for ages 18 months and up. Finally, classic lego bricks are recommended for ages 4 and up.

Lego Architecture

If you have an older child who enjoys more intense building with brick sets then the Lego Architecture sets are a perfect idea.

Domino Building Sets

These domino-building toys for kids are a perfect way to have hours of fun testing the ideas of cause and effect. Grab a phone and video your child’s creation on slow-mo so they can enjoy watching the dominoes fall again and again.

Foam Blocks

These soft building blocks are perfect for your toddlers. They can play and build without anyone getting hurt!

Erector Sets for Kids

If your child likes a little more complicated construction then an erector set might be the perfect building toy for them.

Interlocking Discs

These are another great and inexpensive option for kids who like to build and create. There is plenty of opportunity for your child to use their imagination.

Clixo Toys

These flexible, magnetic toys are a genius idea. I only wish they had them when my kids were younger.

Plus Plus Puzzle Blocks

My tweens still enjoyed playing with these Plus Plus blocks at the table when we were sitting around and chatting as a family.

Straw Tubes and Connectors

Straw tubes are fantastic options for building all sorts of creative contraptions.

Crazy Fort!

This crazy fort set is perfect for building and then hiding! Your kids will enjoy creating their own fort to play inside.

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  1. We have and love most of these, but there are some new ones I’d never heard of like zoobs!

    Thanks for sharing this great list!

  2. I’ve been looking into things like this for my son. He’s 11 and all he’s asked for this year is blocks! 🙂 Thanks for this list.

  3. A great list of some unique building toys for kids, especially wooden blocks. It would be excellent if you could indicate the suitable age group for each toy.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful list.

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