10 Reasons Your Family Will Love Amazon Music Unlimited

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Our family has subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited for several years. Whether we are in the mood for a newly released album or a Broadway musical score, our family can access it all.

We have found Amazon Music Unlimited to be a practical addition to our homeschool, our road trips, and our homelife. It’s works beautifully with our Amazon Echo because Alexa has access to all the music as soon as I ask her to play something.

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Amazon Unlimited Music for Your Home and Homeschool

Amazon Prime members have access to a large library of music that is included with their prime membership. It’s a great library of music, but for an additional $7.99 unlimited music members receive access to thousands of additional songs and albums.

You can start with a free trial and then decide!

I am certain that your family will benefit from many of the same practical and fun ways that we have used Amazon Music Unlimited in our home and in our homeschool.

Amazon Unlimited Music at Home

Playlists for the Car

Enjoy your own custom playlists and avoid the commericals that come with radio. You’ll also avoid any song you would rather not hear. I like to let everyone pick 4-6 songs to put on the family playlist and then we can shuffle it and everyone is happy.

Upbeat Music for the House

We love to play upbeat music when we are working on chores or need a break during the day. Amazon has several premade playlists or you can play your own.

All the Christmas Carols all the Time

There are playlists ready to go or you can create your own with access to all of the Christmas Carols or Hymns. I love to make my own lists and play them ALL. MONTH. LONG. in December.

Vacation Playlists

Create playlists for the road trip and for the time on vacation. We like to let everyone coming on vacation pick a handful of songs, including any family members we are meeting there. Then we can use the playlist the entire trip and everyone is happy at some point.

Workout Playlist

Get moving and find a beat to match. Create one or several playlists for running, machines, or weight lifting.

Music for any Mood

Tune into a preset playlist for relaxing music or summertime music and enjoy the vibe. It’s easy to find a playlist to match your mood. Amazon Unlimited music includes options from from various decades, specific genres, and you can even shuffle tunes by a particular artist.

Amazon Unlimited Music in Our Homeschool

I love having Amazon Music Unlimited as an addition to our homeschool. The ways we use it are endless and I just am so grateful for access to all of the music!

Composer and Singer Studies

We listen to music by a specific composer when we are studying them. We have done this for classical artists as well as modern day artists that I wanted my kids to be familiar with. Amazon Music has been a great way to introduce them to Elvis, The Beach Boys, and Billy Joel.

When a Song is Mentioned in a Book

I can not tell you how often a book we are reading mentions a song. Amazon Unlimited allows us to immediately listen to the music, enhancing our experience of the book.

Enjoying Musicals

We love musical theater and having access to all of the Broadway soundtracks at our fingertips is such a joy. I often play one in the car or on a speaker in the house so the kids are familiar with the score. We’ll do this before watching and then for awhile afterward. The whole crew fell in love with the soundtrack to Singing in the Rain last year!

Studying Specific Genres

There are plenty of playlists on Amazon Unlimited that focus on country, jazz, the blues, and more. I’ve introduced my kids to a variety of genres using focused playlists. We simply listen to one genre for a week or so.

Currently, you can sign up for a 30 day free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited or shop current deals, such as Black Friday discounts. 

You will receive unlimited access to any song on-demand. Amazon Unlimited is always ad-free and hands-free with Alexa. You can cancel anytime. 

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  1. I have had Prime for years and never knew they had music, great ideas, thank you Mary!
    I hope you and yours have a wonderful Turkey Day. Love to you all.

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