A Little About Me

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Hey there.  Come on in.  I just finished making a pitcher of tea.

If this blog is anything like my house, you’ll need to watch your step.  The legos and blocks are everywhere in this front room.  My boys, David and Daniel, love to play and build.  It used to be matchbox cars that littered the house, but now that they boys are 8 and 6, I find more tiny bricks and less tiny cars.

I imagine sometimes that if I didn’t homeschool them, I would at least have a few hours each day when the house was clean, but homeschooling is how we roll so a messy house is usually how we roll.

Yes.  This is the dining room, complete with world map and white board.  If you are looking for a Pinterest-worthy house, you’ll have to go visit a neighbor.  You aren’t going to find any pin-worthy decor around this place.

Except that table.

It is quite fabulous, isn’t it?  Go ahead and write something with the chalk.  The top is chalkboard paint and it is quite novel to draw on the table.   That beauty represents all the potential craftiness that I am sure is hidden somewhere inside me, but I’d much rather go out for coffee and talk with a friend than paint a table.  That’s part of the problem with the whole idea of decorating.  I just have too many other things that I would rather do.

Alright, let’s make our way into the kitchen and grab a seat.  I’ll pour the iced tea, though I have to warn you: the tea is unsweetened.  I know.  I know.  I’ve been in North Carolina for over 3 years now, but I still drink “northern tea”.

Ironically, I grew up in Maryland with sweet tea.  Freshly brewed and sweetened with sugar and mint leaves.  Boy do I miss it, but I had to cut back on the sugar, so even while living in the south, I have to keep “northern tea” on hand.  Frankly, it is because I drink so darn much of it!

Would you like something to eat with that tea?  There are usually baked goods somewhere in the kitchen.  With the increasing independence of the kids, I find more time to bake or my oldest daughter is quick to make a sweet treat.

My husband, Eric, will be home by 5 but in the meantime, let’s chat.

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11 thoughts on “A Little About Me”

  1. Leslie DeJarnette

    I love the changes to your blog! Keep up the great work of encouragement.

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  3. I’ve found your blog through Brave Writer posts. Both are new to me, but I LOVE them. I’m also loving your Instagram stories. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Mary, Found you through Brave Writer! So excited to look through this blog!!! 🙂 You are such a great mentor mom to us out here in cyberspace – thank you!!!

  5. Absolutely love that intro!!! Well said. Embracing what truly matters instead of the ideal.


  6. Yeah, let’s chat! My new tea thing is brown sugar dissolved in hot water with a couple of drops of orange essential oil and adding the resulting syrup to Earl Grey tea. Want to try some? Here’s an heirloom azalea teacup on matching saucer. 🙂 No Legos or even puzzles in this house. I like it clean, organized, and decorated. But I have only one boy outnumbered by two girls.

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