Are you looking for a way to ignite your child’s love of literature?

Do you want your child to engage more deeply with stories?

Is your child ready to build confidence in a fun, relaxed book club atmosphere?

Then I’d love your child to join me for one of my fun, relaxed, and educational online book clubs for kids and teens.

Leading Book Clubs on Outschool

After years of organizing and hosting themed book clubs for kids at home, it seemed only natural that I would begin leading book clubs for other homeschool students online.

So three years ago, I applied to be a teacher at Outschool and began leading book clubs for kids on their education platform.

I wanted to recreate the same relaxed and fun atmosphere for others that my own kids had when it came to a great book discussion.

And that is exactly what I did.

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Online Book Clubs for Kids

Book clubs are a wonderful opportunity for kids and teens to have fun while learning.

But local book clubs aren’t always possible (or even desirable) for all families which is why online book clubs are an excellent option for kids of all ages.

Online book clubs for kids of all ages.

An online book club format provides the same fantastic opportunities to discuss books with other readers your own age.

Online book clubs are also convenient. Parents don’t have to leave their house and there is no prep work (other than reading the book). The only thing students have to do is log on and get ready to share their incredible ideas.

The Benefits of Book Clubs

Book clubs are a fantastic way for children and teens to begin to lay the foundation for literary analysis. Kids learn to think deeply about the characters, setting, plot, and theme of the book. They learn to form their opinions and offer reasons for them.

My goal in every book club is to make sure that every child feels comfortable and builds confidence. For some kids, that means simply being present at a book club without contributing a lot of opinions right away. Other kids are ready and eager to share their thoughts. They need opportunities to share their opinions in a supportive environment.

My goal is to support all students so they build confidence in their opinions and enjoy a great discussion.

As a result, at the start of every book club, I remind the participants that I am not looking for right or wrong answers. Instead, our discussion questions are designed to encourage a variety of opinions and thoughts. And I can’t wait to hear theirs!

Explore My Online Book Clubs:

I host my book clubs on Outschool, an online classroom for kids.

You’ll find school-year book clubs from Sept-May as well as summer book/movie clubs for some sneaky summer learning.

Ongoing School Year Monthly Fiction Book Clubs

Ongoing Classes – These fiction book clubs meet monthly. Once you register, your child’s spot is guaranteed each month until you cancel your registration to the book club.

Your 8-10 year old can join this monthly fiction online book club.
Join an online monthly fiction book club for ages 11-13.

School Year Weekly Graphic Novel Book Clubs

Ongoing Classes – These classes meet weekly. Once you register, your child’s spot is guaranteed each week until you cancel your registration to the book club.

Join an online weekly book club for ages 8-10
Your middle schooler can join an online weekly graphic novel book club.

Summer Book and Movie Clubs (updated for 2024)

The Magician's Elephant book club for kids
A summer book and movie club for kids for Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's library
A Bear Called Paddington book and movie club
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book an dmovie club
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book movie club for tweens
Enola Holmes Book and Movie club
Maze Runner book and movie club

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