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Math Games Your Teens and Tweens will Actually Enjoy

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I am a big believer that ALL games teach valuable skills, but this list does focus on math games that your teen and tween will enjoy. These games reinforce math skills and are some of the games we return to again and again simply because they are fun.

The following list was created in the spirit of playing games that focus on specific subject areas. But please don’t play games that make you miserable, even if they do “teach math”.


Ok. Then on with the list.

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Math Games for Teens and Tweens

Math games are a fun way to reinforce math skills, and you don’t have to stop this practice even as your kids enter the teens years. Games can help teens build speed and confidence with basic math facts, apply probability skills, increases visual/spatial awareness, and reinforce concepts of probability.

This list of math educational games for teens will help you reinforce skills while having fun even once your kids have reached the double digits in age…and beyond.

Math Games with Teens: Math Facts

Prime Climb. This game is a great way to reinforce basic math facts for all four operations. The twist that comes when you land on a prime number and get to draw a prime card keeps the game interesting for everyone.

Note: I bought this one when my youngest was 8 years old. He could play but required me to partner with him because he hadn’t mastered his multiplication facts. Now that he is 10, everyone is good to go.

Absolute Zero Card Game. This one was created by a middle school math teacher to reinforce math facts with integers. The score at the end of a round is calculated using absolute value, another important concept to reinforce with teens.

Payday. My own teen year memories are strong with this game and it was so much fun to introduce it to my kids. There is plenty of money math going on in this one, so it definitely counts as school. (pun intended)

Note: Most any money exchanging board game is reinforcing math. This is just one, but other games such as Monopoly work well.

Even Steven’s Odd. Test your addition and subtraction speed while trying to beat your opponents to complete the required roll. There are two levels of challenge to this one so you are sure to keep your kids engaged.

Equate. Think Scrabble but with math equations and you have Equate. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this post, this game is currently very expensive so add it to a wishlist and keep watch.

Skyjo. This game is a family favorite in our house. This one has enough chance involved that all of my kids feel capable of winning and there is enough fun to keep us all engaged. This is one of our favorites to take to a cafe to play over snacks.

Note: It is very similar to the card game, Golf, which can be played with a basic deck of cards.

Math Games with Teens: Logical Reasoning

Mastermind. This is another favorite from my childhood. You can play one or two rounds pretty quickly and it really works the logical part of your brain.

Note: This can be very frustrating for some people. (my mom won’t play) so plan to introduce it early and talk out loud through your own logical thinking as you play.

Colorku. This color based version of Soduko game is played by all ages because various levels of challenge are included. If your teens are like me, they’ll go right to the hardest one and give it a go. HA!

Chess. It’s a classic. Need I say more? We do like our travel version to take on the go.

Math Games with Teens: Visual Perception

Blokus. This classic game can be understood by younger children but the skilled play really takes shape in the tween and teen years. You can play with up to four players, which is definitely the most challenging way to play.


Set. This is a classic game of Visual Perception that you can play solo or with others. Playing by yourself gives you time to improve your skills without the time pressure. Adding competitors is more challenging but it can be tough if everyone’s skill level isn’t somewhat equivalent.

Blink. You can begin playing this one when your kids are younger, though their skills and speed will really kick in when they get older.

Math Games with Teens: Probability and Chance

Yahtzee. My oldest learned this game when she was about 10 and she wanted to play it all. the. time. She is now 16 and still loves when we pull this one out.

I recommend adding the triple Yahtzee scoring sheets or looking up how to play Triple Yahtzee and simply transform your standard scoring sheet.

Quixx. This is an absolute favorite in our house. You can play a full game in around twenty minutes so we usually pull it out in the evenings when we are lounging around.

These games are some of the ones we return to again and again. I hope you and your teens and tweens have as much fun playing!

Math Games Your Teens and Tweens Will Enjoy


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