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10+ Family Christmas Gifts that All Ages will Love

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Grab a family Christmas gift that everyone will enjoy this holiday season. Whether it is a gift for your own family, his family, or hers, these ideas are sure to delight the entire crew.

Family gifts are a wonderful way to check several people off your list with one gift. They allow you to purchase something a little nicer than you would if you have to buy a gift for each individual.

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The Very Best Family Gifts Everyone will Enjoy

Sometimes it is a lot more fun (and more practical) to purchase a larger group gift instead of individual gifts. We’ve done this for my brother’s family before and it was a hit. In fact, we purchased his family the first suggestion on this list of ideas.

Family gifts can make the shopping easier on grandparents too because they can purchase one fun item for the entire family and/or grandkids.

Family Gift: Escape Room

Look up escape room experiences in the area local to the family you are shopping for. Purchase a voucher that will allow the entire family to try to escape the room!

TIP: Be sure to call ahead and make sure there is an escape room experience that works for the ages involved.

My brother did this for our family last year and we had a fantastic time together. Of course COVID delayed our enjoyment until almost a year after we received our vouche, but it was a great time and a perfect family gift.

If you can’t afford the escape room experience, then purchase an Escape Room in a Box. Family Game night has never been so fun!

Family Gift: Universal Yums

Universal Yums is a monthly subscription that keeps on giving and it is definitely the tastiest gift you’ll give all year long!

Every month a box of snacks from a different country will be sent to the entire family. You can choose from three sizes, making it perfect for any size family. You can gift a single box or a subscription for 3, 6, or even 12 months.

Family Gift: Game System

When the time is right for a game system, it’s a great family gift. The year we took the plunge and purchased a PS4, we also purchased a PS4 game for each of the kids.

We decided to purchase a Sony Playstation 4 because it had the option to add on a Playstation VR, a popular item in this house. Of course, these days you can purchase an ” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Occulus 2 if you want a better VR in an affordable range (without the need for a computer to run it).

Of course, we are huge Nintendo fans, so I highly recommend the latest Nintendo, the Nintendo Switch.

Family Gift: A Family Membership

Taking the family to a science or art museum can be costly, but memberships allow a family to continue enjoying their favorite museum for the entire year!

Think about purchasing a membership to a local children’s museum, science or art museum, or even the zoo for the year!

Currently, we have a family art museum membership so we can visit all of the ticketed exhibits during the year. When the kids were little we enjoyed our science museum membership immensely! In fact, many science museums have reciprocal memberships so you can visit museums in other states using your local science museum membership.

Family Gift: Movie Projector

Enjoy the movie theater experience in your own home with a home movie projector. They aren’t as expensive as they used to be and you can find options for under $100.

You can toss in a subscription for the year to a streaming service such as Disney+, Hulu, or Netflix. And maybe throw in a few bags of popcorn and/or some candy to round out the experience.

Family Gift: Telescope

Our telescope has been such a useful and fun family gift. We have taken it camping in the mountains and to the front yard. It’s fun to watch various astrological events and explore planets and the moon.

We love Home Science Tools for the best options and a variety of prices.

Family Gift: Fire Pit

What could be cozier than a family evening gathered around the fire pit? Deliver it with a bundle of wood and the supplies to make smores and you’ll be the favorite gift-giver of the day!

Family Gift: Hot Chocolate Bar

Fill a small serving tray with everything a family needs for a cozy hot chocolate bar all winter long.

Include containers of hot chocolate mix, mini marshmallows (or Smashmallows), sprinkles, pieces of a chocolate bar, candy canes, and a milk frothing tool. You could also include a mug for each member of the family so everyone can enjoy a cup of hot cocoa in their new mug.

Family Gift: Family Game Pack

Gift a family board game with a few candy or popcorn treats for a fun family night. I have previously created lists of our favorite family board games and super fun card games, but a few of our top family favorites are below:

Grab a group game for the family game system that everyone can play together. Our personal favorite is Just Dance and Just Dance 2021 is now available. We always laugh and have a blast while playing this one!

Family Gift: Theme Park Trip

Tickets for the entire family to enjoy a day at the theme park. Whether it is Harry Potter World in Orlando or a local amusement park, this gift is sure to be a memorable one!

Family Gift: Game Table

Enjoy family gaming all year long with a ping pong, foosball table, or an air hockey table.

There are so many great options when it comes to gift-giving for the whole family.

Looking for another creative gift giving idea?

Try our family tradition of purchasing four gifts: “Something I want, Something I need, Something to Wear, Something to Read.”

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