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Unique Gift Ideas for the Teen (or Tween) who Loves Art

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A creative art tool or new brand-new drawing medium can inspire hours of artistic creativity for your teen who loves art. These tools and mediums are some of the surprises we have used over the years as art gifts for teens.

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Drawing Tools for Your Teen

Electric Eraser

This handy drawing tool is perfect for shading and getting rid of mistakes.

Kneaded Erasers

Blending Stumps

Jointed Mannequin

for drawing the human figure

Battery Powered Pencil Sharpener

This one can go with your artist wherever they feel inspired to create.

Pencil Case

A perfect idea so your artistic teen can carry their favorite drawing tools

Tracing Light Box

Artist Sketchboard

This is larger than a standard-size clipboard and perfect for drawing on the go.

Graphite Sketch Set

Charcoal Drawing Pencils

Charcoal Sticks

Double Ended-Art Markers

Tools for Your Digital Artist

Drawing Tablet and Stylus

My future animator had this one on his list.

Digital Pen for Tablets and Phones

The artist in our neighborhood recommended this stylus over the apple pen because it could work with any tablet or phone.

Drawing Tablet Glove

You can’t have skin touch the tablet as you are leaning on it and drawing.

Creative Mediums for Your Teen Artist


These creamy, smooth color sticks are fun to work with.

Watercolor Pencils

It’s fun to experiment with these pencils wet or dry.

Gouache Paint Set

It’s not watercolor and it’s not acrylic. It’s something different and your teen will have a blast experimenting.

Chalk Pastels

This has been one of our favorite mediums for many years.

Oil Pastels

India Ink

Watercolor Supplies for Your Artistic Teen

Watercolor Paper

We keep several packs of this around the house.

Round Brushes

Watercolor Paint Tubes

Watercolor Mixing Tray with Lid

My daughter loves this particular one with the lid.

Mixed Media Supplies for Your Artistic Teen

Mixed Media Stencils

Mod Podge

Mixed Media Journal

These contain durable pages for wet and dry pages.

Acrylic Paint Set

So many of these supplies have made my teen artist happy at birthdays and holidays over the years. I hope they bring a smile to the face of your teen artist as well.

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