Our 20th Wedding Anniversary

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It might be your 20th wedding anniversary if….

you begin your day with an online work meeting and forget to eat breakfast as you run out the door to get your 12-year-old to the pediatrician on time.

Then you travel to the pharmacy for antibiotics. again.

Yep. Two children are now fighting a sinus infection.

Once you return home, you grab a little snack for yourself and make the kids waffles.

After a quick shower, it’s time to meet your husband for lunch at PF Changs. This is your 20th wedding anniversary and the traditional gift is “China”, so you agreed to grab Chinese at one of your favorites. 

(Get it? Instead of china dishes, you grab Chinese food.)

You return home to the lovely anniversary gift of two “under the weather” kiddos who don’t want to leave the sofa so you fetch drinks and Motrin.

The good news is that Patricia has been on antibiotics long enough that she is feeling like herself again. Unfortunately, it is clear that Daniel has developed the same infection and you will have to head to the doctor’s office again tomorrow.

You spend most of the day lounging with sick kids on the sofa until your husband is home. He makes a simple dinner while you fall asleep for a late evening nap.

At bedtime, he falls asleep on the kid’s bedroom floor to comfort your youngest son who is upset about being sick now.

And you fall asleep in bed after setting your alarm for 8 AM so you can call the doctor’s office first thing in the morning.

Apparently “in sickness and health” wasn’t only about the happy couple. I never quite imagined the reality of four tiny germ carriers in the house, but twenty years later it’s our reality.

And there is no one I’d rather face the highs and lows of our reality with…

Happy Anniversary!


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  1. Thanks for the REALITY check for the 20th anniversary! Sorry you had sick kids with a SUMMER anniversary! That is not to be expected. As always thanks for sharing the good, bad and the TRUTH with all your readers!
    I got the CHINA joke without the hint!

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