Clever Gifts that Bookworms are Sure to Love

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Don’t simply stick to books as a gift for bookworms in your life. Find something a little more creative they can use to celebrate their love of reading.

From throw pillows to mugs, you’ll find clever options for the bookworms in your life.

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Bookworm Gifts: Reading Helps and Organizers

As a bookworm myself, I love gifts that relate to my profound love of reading. Some gifts are hand, such as the booklist, while others allow me to announce my hobby to others through a personalized mug or bag.

There are so many gift options to make reading more enjoyable than it already is.

Rechargeable Book Light

What bookworm can’t use a rechargeable book light? We have several in this house for all of the late-night readers. I take mine with me camping, traveling, and to my own bed every night!

Book Page Holder

A great gift for bookworms who never want to take a break from reading. This makes it easy to hold your book open with one hand so you can hold a drink in the other hand.

The Book Seat

This one is perfect for hands-free reading. It’s a great gift for bookworms, especially for busy parents. Fold the laundry, chop the veggies, or anything else you might like to get done, and don’t miss a beat in your favorite story.

Book Journals to keep track of favorite lines or titles.

I like to keep track of my favorite lines from each book in my book journal. One of my favorite book journals is The Novel Journal because the lines of the journal are the entire text of the book, written very tiny.


From magnetic bookmarks to traditional styles, there is something for every person on your list.

Bookworm Gifts: Something to Wear

I love my bookish t-shirts and socks. There is just something fun about book apparel and here are some of my favorite finds.




How about some casual slip on shoes for your book loving friend or family member?

Book Themed Clothing Accessories

From earrings to scarves, there is something fun for every book lover.

Bookworm Gifts: Book Bags and Accessories

Book Totes

Carry your books to book club, the library, or your local coffee shop in style.

Book Keychains

Drive in bookish style!

Bookworm Gifts: For the House

There are so many fun ideas for special gifts around the house that display ones love of reading.

Book Mugs

I think this banned book mug might be my favorite, though the others are a close second. I could use a mug letting people know it is time to be quiet or the weekend is full.

Find a list of fantastic gifts for bookworms and bring delight to your favorite readers this Christmas.

Book Pillows

Not only are the sayings perfect for a book lover, but they are perfect for resting your head or back while reading.


Yes, there truly are library scented candles for the book lover who is missing their library!

Bookworm Gifts: Food and Drink


Bake some book themed snacks from your favorite literary delights!

Book Lover Tea

Twenty-five tea bags containing literary quotes. Perfect for the tea and book lover.

Drinking Glasses and Such

While coasters are handy, I am going crazy for these book club wine glass charms. The sayings on them are hysterical for an adult book club.

Bookworm Gifts: Games to Play

Bring Your Own Book

Literally. Bring a book and have some fun with your friends.

Memory Challenge

Trivial Pursuit

The best kind of trivia is trivia about books. This one includes trivia about your favorite children’s books, classics, and authors.

Happy Shopping for the Bookworm in your Life.

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