Fantastic Year Long Reading Challenge for Families

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Is your family ready to sprinkle a little fun into your reading this year?

Are you reading to up your game a bit and explore some new titles? Then I have a great solution – the Celebrate a Book Year Long Reading Challenge for Families!

The idea is simple. Each month you’ll receive a monthly reading challenge with four categories. Read one book in each category to complete the challenge for the month. By the end of the year, that’s 4 books a month for 12 months so everyone will read a total of 48 books!

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Year Long Reading Challenge

So stick with me here because 48 books can seem like a lot, but the idea is to encourage you to read more often and read something outside of your typical choices.

Making it to 48 books isn’t the ultimate goal because there might be months you just can’t get to every category on the list.

That’s okay.

Just pick it back up the next month and keep prioritizing the categories that are the most intriguing to you!

Year Long Reading Challenge Sign Up

Start by signing up so you’ll receive the monthly challenges and booklists all year long! You’ll receive the current month (and the previous months you might have missed) right away.

Year Long Reading Challenge Basics

Each month, a new reading challenge will be released. Look over the four categories for the new month and begin your search for some great books.

You’ll find booklists on the Monthly Reading Challenge posts (linked below) to help in as you search for great books!

Year Long Reading Challenge Tips

Don’t get discouraged if you can’t read all four books in a month. The goal is to read more even if you don’t get to read 48 books.

Skip a category if it doesn’t interest you at all. Substitute it with a free choice book.

Audiobooks count as reading! Listen to them yourself or pick a title each month to listen to as a family.

It is supposed to be fun, not stressful or another “thing to do”. If you prefer to pick one category each month, then do it! Make it work for you and your family!

Year Long Reading Challenge as a Family

This challenge is for every person in the family who wants to join the fun. The categories are appropriate for early chapter book readers, tweens, teens and adults. You can even find picture books that will fit the bill for your littlest readers.

Everyone can find books on their own level or your family can choose to read a few titles together throughout the year. Audio books are a great option to listen to a title together!

Clink on a link to head to details and booklists for that month’s challenge.

NOTE: The links will be active once the monthly challenge has been released. In the meantime, they serve as placeholders.

January Reading Challenge link to the booklists and printables
A collection of books and printables for the February Reading Challenge
Bookslists and printables for the March Family Reading Challenge
An April Reading Challenge for Families
A May Reading Challenge for Families
June Reading Challenge
A Family Reading Challenge for July
A Family Reading Challenge for August
Family Reading Challenge for September


Year Long Reading Challenge: Book Club

As part of the year long reading challenge, you might want to form a book club for your kids. The book club can select a book each month from their favorite category and they can read it and discuss it together.

Our Celebrate a Book guides are perfect for book club planning for specific book titles, but you can also grab our FREE Book Club Planning Guide:


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