Cool Stocking Stuffers Your Teen Boy is going to Love

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Do you need some ideas and inspiration as you shop for stocking stuffers for a teen boy? Most moms have told me that stocking stuffers for their tween and teen boys are the most difficult shopping task on their list.

Now that I have two teen boys in the house, I completely understand what they are talking about. It’s hard to find practical and fun gifts for boys in this age range, but I love stocking stuffers so I am determined.

Of course, it’s important to buy stocking stuffers that you won’t want to throw away by New Year’s Eve, so the ideas you’ll find on this list will fit that bill!

The Best Stocking Stuffers for Teen Boys

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The Best Teen Boy Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers for teen boys can be difficult to find, but teen boys are so much fun to shop for once you get started. I hope these stocking stuffers ideas will certainly inspire the perfect choices for the teen and tween boys in your life.

Outdoor Adventuring

Swiss Army Knife – This one is both useful and fun. Whether you just want to use it to open the rest of the Christmas Day packages or for whittling wood, this is a classic treat for any teen boy. (Be sure your son understands safety rules!)

Water Bottle – My sons are always borrowing my water bottles! Fill it with a little treat and it’s a great stocking stuffer.

Paracord Bracelet – with a compass, fire starter, and whistle.

Waterproof Digital Watch – Keep track of the time with a watch that can handle water and adventure!

Clothing Items for Teen Boys

Winter Hat – Keep their head warm while they adventure outside in the winter.

Winter Gloves – Grab some gloves for outdoor fun and adventures in the snow and cold.

Winter Warm Socks – Thermal winter socks to keep their feet warm inside or outside.

Slide Sandals – My tween and teen live in these, though you might have to let them poke out of the top of the stocking.

Sunglasses – perfect for those sunny days

Slippers – everyone needs comfortable house shoes

Stocking Stuffers for Gamers

Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Protect their eyes from the hours in front of the screen.

Gamer Novelty Socks – just for fun!

Novelty Mints – another silly treat for your gamer.

Gaming Mouse – This is a lower-priced gaming mouse, but you’ll find them in all kinds of price ranges.

Gaming Mouse Pad – Roll it up and stuff it in the stocking.

Novelty Gamer Shirt – Tuck a novelty T-shirt into his stocking for a fun Christmas surprise.

Guinness World Records: Gamers Edition 2020 – Grab a paperback to slip into the stocking.

Stocking Stuffers for New Drivers

Car Cellphone Holder – a must-have for your driving teens

Keychain – grab this leather one or one with fandom characters

Glass Window Scraper – grab a pop socket too if they don’t have one

Games to Play

Coup – I think the deception involved in this game makes it a popular one with the teen boys in our family.

Exploding Kittens – This is another top choice by the boys in this house.

""” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>IOTA – A great big game in a teeny tiny tin!

Kanoodle Extreme – Some brain benders and puzzles to solve.

Rubik’s Cube – a classic

Mini Wire Puzzles – hours of fun and challenge

Wood Brain Teaser Puzzles – another similar puzzle challenge

Personal Care

Body Wash – Something with a “boy” smell. (whatever that means to you)

Body Cleansing Wipes – when you just need a quick refresh and can’t grab a shower.

Shaving Cream

Electronic Stocking Stuffers

Mini Drone – Mini drones are available in all sorts of price ranges, but I selected a high rated one in a reasonable “stocking stuffer” range.

Nintendo Joy-Con – Grab some new colors for the times friends come to join in the fun! These often come in a two-pack, so if you have two kids, split it between them!

Wireless Blue-Tooth Waterproof Earbuds – Rated well and affordable.

Portable Charger – for extra battery life while on the go

Practical and Fun Ideas

Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet – perfect for a teen boy who doesn’t need a full wallet yet

Tactical Pen – with a flashlight, window breaker, multi-tool

Drawstring Bag – for overnights or trips to a friend’s house

Just for Fun

Nerf Dart Refills – stock up for the months to come

Nerf Jolt – a favorite little gun around here for household and outdoor shooting

Booklight – rechargeable and perfect for late-night reading

Stylus Pen – art on a tablet or drawing pad (this is the one I purchased based on a local artists recommendation for beginner use)

Fandango Gift Card – treat them to a few flicks at their favorite theater

Gift Cards – think about their favorite stores: Amazon, Target, Game Stop, Best Buy

Gum or small treats – grab their favorite candy bars or sugar sweets

Restaurant/coffee shop gift card – treat them to a future meal or drink (especially nice for local shops!)

Choosing stocking stuffers for a teen (or tween) boy can be just as fun as choosing the gifts he will get under the tree on Christmas morning. Think about some of your son’s favorite things and what he really likes to do and focus on his areas of interest and well as a few things he needs!

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