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Fantastic Two-Player Games You can Enjoy with Your Teen

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Looking for a fun two-player game to play with your teen?

Over the years I have discovered that games are a great way to spend one on one time with my teen. We have found a few favorites that have become our “go-to games,” but I am always on the lookout for more.

A list of 2 player games to enjoy with your teen

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Play Two-Player Games with Your Teen

Your relationship with your child can be a tricky one during the teen years. Conversation can feel awkward or forced at times, so it’s important to find activities to do with your child so you can keep your connection solid.

Game playing is an easy way to make a connection that doesn’t feel forced or awkward. There is “something to do” when a conversation isn’t following naturally.

In addition, games are a great activity that can spark easy conversation while keeping the focus on an activity instead of your child.

Two-player games are particularly helpful because they provide an opportunity to have some alone time with your child.

Making Time for Two-Player Games

If you keep a few favorite games handy then it is easy to grab a game when the opportunity to play a game with your teen presents itself.

I have found that a game after dinner or just before bed is easy to squeeze into the day. We are usually relaxed in the evenings a so it’s a great time to connect about the day’s events.

I like to make a date with my teen for coffee or fraps and we take our favorite game with us to play while we sip our drinks. Many coffee shops now carry games in the shop so it’s always fun to browse their selection as well.

Top Two-Player Games for Teens

Many of these games work well for the whole family, but they also work well with just two players. This isn’t true for all of our favorite family card games or family board games, so I have only listed the ones we think are still fun with just two people.


This is my absolute favorite go-to game to grab and play with my teen daughter after dinner. She loves it as well. There is enough strategy to keep it interesting, but enough luck that anyone can win each time. It doesn’t take too long either so it’s a great game to fit in after dinner clean-up before we move on to other fun for the evening.


This game is designed for two players and it’s one of my childhood favorites. My teen son, in particular, enjoys playing this game with me. It takes a bit more focus than some of our other games but we love the challenge of it.


This classic game is one we like to pull out and play with just two people. The nice part about playing with only two of us is that it makes the game that much faster. We can even play the triple Yahtzee version in a reasonable amount of time.

SkyJo Action

This game puts a twist on the original SkyJo, one of our favorite family card games.

You can play with a large group, but it is just as much fun with 2 people. When I have played one on one with my teens, we have often altered the rules a bit and played with 16 or more cards instead of just 12. It’s easy to do when there are only two players and it makes the game take a bit longer.


This one is a classic and a fun game to play with my teens. There is something so exciting about making a hit every time you do – HA!

Blokus Duo

This is one of our favorite family board games that is redesigned specifically for two players. If you attempt to play the original Blokus with only two people, then you know why this version is necessary. It just too easy for both players to fit all of their pieces if you play the original game with two.


This one isn’t as great to promote conversation because it takes time to play, but sometimes a break from conversation is exactly what you and your teen might need – right?


This is an enjoyable and quick game that is easy to travel with. You can take it to the coffee shop, bring it along poolside, or pack it for trips to play together.


It’s a classic, but I love this magnetic version for a game to take on the go. My teen son particularly loves this game. One day we’ll have to try speed chess, but for now, we take our time.


This game has been a favorite for me since my college days and I am so glad my kids enjoy it as well. It’s a great two-player game to pull out for a little one-on-one time with your teen because it is a short one, but strategic and fun!


This is an absolute favorite game that we added to our collection in 2019. While it is designed for four players, you can play it as a two-player game pretty easily. Each person simply plays two colors instead of one. It adds another layer of challenge to the game.


This is another game that isn’t great for conversation, but it is excellent for a little fun concentration together. It’s challenging and perfect for teens and adults alike.


It’s a classic must-have two-player game for every family and an easy one to play with your teen.

Tic Tac Two

This two-player game is a great twist on the classic game of tic-tac-toe. It makes this age-old game fun for teens and adults again. Keep in handy to pull out a quick game before or after mealtime as you chat with your teen.


I have to admit that this is not my favorite game, but it is a favorite of one of the kids in my house so I do play it in an effort to connect with him.


While this game can be played with any number of people, it’s incredibly fun as a 2-player game. The only difference with two players (or two teams) instead of three players (or three teams) is that you have to make two sequences instead of just one.


When I was growing up, I played this game with my mom on a regular basis after dinner. The time we spent playing is such a nice memory that I regularly pull this one out to play with my kids. It works well with a group or just two of us.

Two-Player Games Rock!
Grab one of your kids and start playing.

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