The Best Stocking Stuffers that are Worth the Money

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Checking out at the store register, I am surrounded by stocking stuffers.  Lots of silly and goofy items trying to tempt me to fill up stockings for my children by purchasing them.

I am not tempted.  I can’t stand useless stocking stuffers.  Who needs a bunch of stuff that is just going to be taking up space in the landfill by New Years?  Not this momma.

And my guess is you don’t need items that you’ll want to throw away by New Years.

But, to be honest, I love buying stocking stuffers that are worth the money for my kids.  Sometimes I have the most fun filling up the stockings because it doesn’t feel like there are any rules or specific guidelines.  I can purchase things that don’t quite fit into our 4 gifts poem.

More than 80 stocking stuffer ideas that are worth the money. You won't want to throw these away by New Years!

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I stuff the stockings full of handy supplies, educational toys, and creative fun.  These ideas are worth spending some extra cash because I know they are going to be useful and well used.

Stocking Stuffers That are Worth the Money

Stocking Stuffers for Personal Care

1. Shower Gel
2. Lotion
3. Hair brush
4. Shaving Cream
5. Razors
6. Electric Razorfor boy; for girl
7. Cleansing Face wipes – I grabbed Burt’s Bees brand
8. Cleanser – Big fans of Burt’s Bees
9. Moisturizer – Bet ya didn’t guess we went with Burt’s Bees
10. Toothbrush – maybe a Rockee
11. Lip Glossshimmer lip balms are a favorite and I keep a lip crayon in my purse
12. Chapstick – just grabbed this four pack to divvy up

BONUS: Fun Bandaids – how about Shakespearean insults?

Stocking Stuffers for Fun

13. Thinking Putty
14. Glow Sticksperfect for dark winter nights
15. Rubik’s Cube
16. Bath Tub Toys – one year we bought measuring cups and funnels for this purpose
17. Figurines for Pretend Play
18. Nerf Bullet Refill PacksRival, N-strike, Mega, Disc
19. Nerf Jolt Blaster

Stocking Stuffers You Wear

20. Touch screen gloves
21. Socks
22. Winter Hat – I always resort to the Harry Potter theme
23. Cloth Headbands – My girls like simple ones.
24. Scarf – fashion or winter. I’ve shared some fantastic Harry Potter themed scarves.
25. Jewelry
26. Fun Shirt/hoodie – one for the kid that dabs, the FNAF fan, the Harry Potter fan, and I get a ton of comments on this Star Labs hoodie


Stocking Stuffers For Learning

27. Story Cubes
28. Math Dice
29. Professor Noggin Trivia cards come in every subject
30. Pocket Microscope
31. Math 24 cards
32. Math Compassinvest in one that won’t close on them while being used
33. Figurines from HistoryCivil War, Colonial Times, Egyptian
34. Bananagrams
35. Quiddler card game (spelling)
36. Cyclone Tube – Connect two 2L bottles for some tornado fun.
37. Clip-on Book Light


Stocking Stuffers For Game Play

38. Spot-It
39. Phase 10
40. Great Dalmuti
41. Skip-Bo
42. Uno
43. Dutch Blitz
44. Sushi Go
45. A Deck of Cards – How about a fun one with Avengers? Harry Potter? Star Wars?

—> Check out our favorite card games for more stocking stuffer ideas <—

80 stocking stuffers that are worth the money!

Stocking Stuffers For the Great Outdoors

46. Hammock
47. Flashlightthis one and this one made it to stockings here
48. Mobile Macro Lens for a Phone or iPod
49. Carabiner Flashlight
50. Compass/Whistle
51. Mini Spray Bottle (for hiking)
52. Water Bottle – We love the .75L Camelbak Eddy.
53. Pocket Knife
54. Binoculars
55. Fandex Field Guides
56. Headlamps
57. Mess Kit – Yes, we are squeezing one in there this year.

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Stocking Stuffers for Artistic Fun

Note: My daughter is VERY into art, so I include the brand name for items we adore. You can be sure they are a good balance of quality and affordability.

58. Prismacolor Pencils
59. Faber-Castel Chalk Pastels
60. Mungyo Gallery SOFT oil pastels
61.  Art padswatercolor, mixed media, sketch (Canson brand is our everyday “go-to”, though we buy nice brands for art class projects.)
62. Origami Paper
63. Colored and Designed Duct Tape
64. Paintbrush set
65. Graphic Drawing Pencils Set
66. Grumbacher Academy Watercolor Tubes
67. Sculpey Clay – We can’t keep enough of this around.

Stocking Stuffers for Electronics

68. Charging CablesThis one is really fun.
69. A new case/cover
70. Go Pro Stick
71. Go Pro Headstrap
72. Ear Buds
73. Bluetooth Ear Buds
74. Apple Watch Band

Stocking Stuffers for School

75. Ticonderoga Pencils – Yes, they are the best.
76. Papermate Flair Pens – My favorite for copywork and journaling.
77. Sharpies
78. Post-its – I love the page marker size.
79. Protractor
80. Journals – I adore moleskin journals.
81. Decorative Spiral Notebooks


Stocking Stuffers You Can Eat

82. Mints
83. Gum
84. Granola Bars
85. Ferrero Rocher
86. Favorite Candy

Now that you have some inspiration, grab a few stocking stuffers!


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11 thoughts on “The Best Stocking Stuffers that are Worth the Money”

  1. I continue to love reading your posts. I am inspired, and find lots of helpful ideas. Don’t stop, even if I never comment!

  2. I’m new here, so maybe these aren’t applicable for you, but we usually like to put fun bath stuff in stockings: bath colors, those expandable sponges, those expanding washcloth packs. (Sadly, we’re outgrowing baths, so those might be done.) This year, we have fidget toys, and secret code pens. 🙂


      We are just a bit past the bathtub ages, but these are all great ideas! My kids used to love the expanding washcloths. Secret code pens? I need to look into those!

  3. Fantastic list! The stockings are my favorite part. I’ve added earrings, nail polish, nail files, yo-yos, fuzzy socks, beef jerky, chocolate oranges… that’s just off the top of my head. Merry Christmas!


      Chocolate oranges! YES! and my kid love yo-yo’s. These are some great suggestions!

  4. I have included $5 gift cards to our local (not chain) grocery store the last couple of years – the kids love being able to buy whatever they want and the price is right. Last year they chose kombucha and honey sticks so that’s a win too!

  5. Love, love , love your ideas!! I hate buying things that collect dust until they are tossed. These are great!

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