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Have Fun and Make Memories While Homeschooling in December

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I absolutely love homeschooling in December. It’s that time of year when the magic of Christmas meets the requirements of homeschooling, and homeschooling families get to find enchanting ways to bring them together.

This list of memorable ways to bring fun, creativity, and learning to your homeschool this holiday season will get you ready to kick off Christmas School.

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Why Homeschooling in December is Special

December is such a wonderful time of year. You can feel the changes begin to happen as soon as Thanksgiving ends. Holiday lights begin to light up the night and the music of the season begins to play.

It’s a time for family visits, special memories, and slowing down…despite the rush many of us feel doing this month of the year.

The warm feelings and special events that happen in December usually don’t happen during the rest of the year, so it is important to enjoy them while we can.

As homeschooling families, we can take full advantage of our flexibility so that we can truly be present with our kids and make some wonderful memories. It’s okay to treat this month differently…because it is.

Enjoy a slow season as you homeschool through christmas time.

Tips for Homeschooling During December

In order to embrace this special season, it’s okay to make changes to the way you typically do things during your school day. Of course, you also want to remain sane, so here are a few tips to help you homeschool during December:

Alter the Typical School Day

This is a great time to take a break from the typical assignments.

Take some time to evaluate what subjects are necessary to continue through December and what can be put on hold until January.

It does get harder when your kids are teens, especially if they are taking classes outside of the home. But if there are subjects that you can eliminate or back off from a little bit, then this is a great month to pull back.

Plan Ahead for Fun

The month is busy enough so make sure you plan ahead for the fun activities you’d like to add to your December schedule. Take some time to write down a few special ideas and shop for all of the supplies that you need ahead of time.

Little Things Are Enough

Everything doesn’t have to be over the top or “Pinterest-worthy.” Instead, enjoy the simple things that bring your family together.

It could be eating popcorn while watching a movie, making Christmas ornaments, or sipping hot cocoa on the porch.

You don’t have to overthink it or go all out every day. If you want a few particularly special days, then go for it, but spending some extra time together is the main goal.

Enjoy Christmas movies as a family as you homeschool in December.

Resources and Ideas for December Homeschooling

December is a wonderful time of year to take a break from the normal routine and add some holiday fun to your homeschool.

You can find seasonal art fun, visit holidays around the world, and read a Christmas book together.

There are so many ways to make this month a special one in your homeschool.

Play Games

We add at least one new board game to our game collection every December. There have been years that we opened one a week, but typically I just grab one or two to begin our month.

Our current top three favorites are The Great Dalmuti, Skyjo, and Exploding Kittens.

The Great Dalmuti

The Great Dalmuti has been a favorite card game for years. Everyone in the family agrees on this one. It’s easy to chat while playing, which I enjoy!

Skyjo is a great card game with kids

Skyjo is one of our favorite quick card games. A great bonus is you can consider it some of your math for the day – HA!

Exploding Kittens Card Game

Exploding Kittens is one of our favorites so we needed a new pack of cards. Our old set makes it too easy to cheat. We all recognize the bends and folds in the Exploding Kittens cards.

We added this to our Imploding Kittens set and the Streaking Kittens set is going to find its way into a stocking this year.

–> My favorite family board games and card games <–

Some of our game-playing favorites:

Math Games Your Tweens and Tweens will Actually Enjoy
The Best Card Games for the Whole Family
Board Games the Whole Family Will Enjoy
Math Games for Your Homeschool
30 of the Best Board Games you And Your Teens will Love
The Best Games you can Easily Play on Video Chat

Find lots of great ideas for your Christmas Homeschooling with Kids. From school ideas to memory making moments, you'll find a bit of everything.

Homeschooling in December with Books

It’s fun to take time during the holiday to read the same book as a family. Maybe it is a cozy winter chapter book and maybe it is a fun Christmas book. Whatever works for your family is the best choice!

Reading Picture Books in December

Request plenty of picture books about winter or Christmas. Curl up with the kids and read a few each day. You can even wrap them in wrapping paper and let the kids open one to read each day.

Need a little Picture Book Inspiration?

Tackling A Christmas Carol with Kids

We decided to read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I am reading it out loud to my younger three kids while my oldest is reading it to herself. My 8th grader is also reading the Graphic Novel version as part of her year of graphic novels. There are so many versions that you are sure to find one that suits your family!

The Classic Version
The Graphic Version
An Illustrated Version
OMG Classics Version (teens and up)

After you read the book as a family (or with friends), throw a book celebration! Gather together and enjoy some games, crafts, food, and decorations as you celebrate this story and Christmas past, present, and future.

Want a little help planning your book celebration?

Celebrate a Book has you covered! You’ll find fantastic ideas for food, games, decorations, and activities as well as 10 discussion questions you can use to guide a conversation about the book.

I have an entire blog post full of detailed ideas for reading and enjoying this book with your family. You’ll even find tips for learning more about the author, Charles Dickens.

December Book Clubs for Kids

Join my Outschool Christmas Book Club this month and let your child or teen participate in an online discussion.

The 2023 book I picked for our online discussions is Juniper’s Christmas.

A holiday book club is a fantastic way to add some literature study to your December homeschool plans.

Join a Christmas movie/book club for A Boy Called Christmas.

Homeschooling Geography in December

Universal Yums

This is the tastiest way to enjoy Geography-based learning and fun. You can order the Universal Yums Holiday Box and enjoy treats from around the globe while learning some facts about different countries.

Holidays Around the World

This Holidays Around the World Unit Study is the perfect addition to your homeschool learning in the month of December.

You’ll learn about 12 holidays/celebrations including Christmas, Chinese New Year, Diwali, Epiphany/Three Kings Day, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, Omisoka, Ramadan, St. Lucy’s Day, St. Nicholas Day, and Winter Solstice/Yule.

Homeschooling Art in December

We love these two Chalk Pastel art video lessons that we will continue working on this year.  There are a few lessons that we haven’t tried as well as a few favorites to complete again with new twists.

Christmas Extravaganza Video Art Lessons

My kids always enjoy selecting a few Chalk Pastel lessons from the Christmas guides each season.

It is a fun and forgiving media so everyone feels pretty good about their final product.

From Christmas trees to the Nutcracker characters, we love creating a few masterpieces.

Homeschooling Music with Christmas Carols

We love SQUILT music lessons. They are so easy and fun to include in your Morning Basket. During December, we like to use the Christmas Carol bundle to learn the history of various carols.

Volume 1 includes: Carol of the Bells; Away in a Manger; The Little Drummer Boy; Angels We Have Heard on High; O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Volume 2 includes: Bring a Torch Jeanette, Isabella; Go Tell It on the Mountain; In The Bleak Midwinter; The First Noel; Calypso Carol

These lessons are open and go and so much fun to use! Learn more details about some of your old favorites and get to know a few new carols.

Morning Time in December

Borrow a few ideas from the Christmas Morning Baskets from The Waldock Way.

Put them in your own December Morning Basket or store the items and pull out a new activity each day.

Make Memories while Homeschooling in December

Do not forget to leave plenty of time to make memories this holiday season. These activities vary from year to year, but it is important for my kids to have space for additional time with friends. Find time for activities like:

sleepovers with friends

Ice skating

art project days with friends

a favorite dessert place

art and craft sale

decorating together

Great Wolf Lodge trip (decorated for December)

baking your favorites

Advent dinners each Sunday

family movie night

play video games as a family

visiting light displays in the area

We like to do a few things that are out of the ordinary, even if they are simple. Ask your children what they would like to add to the calendar for the month and make sure those activities happen (if possible).

What will homeschooling look like for you in December?
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