Creative Indoor Activities That Will Entertain Your Bored Kids

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Everyone is stuck indoors and there must be more creative indoor activites for kids that do not involve Netflix and Disney+, though I am completely supportive of binge watching some good TV.

But if you get bored and want a few fun indoor activities for your bored kids, I’ve got a list that will provide entertainment for kids from tots to teens.

And a ton of indoor activities that everyone can enjoy together.

Indoor Activities for Bored Kids, Families, and Teens. Find fun activities for everyone in the family when you are stuck indoors.

Fun Indoor Activities for Bored Kids

This list is for you. and you. and you.

Whether you have little ones to entertain, big ones, or almost adult ones. Or a mix of everything in between.

Because not everyone is happy with hours of legos, Little People, or blocks anymore.

So let’s get started with some ideas that might work for everyone in the family and then we’ll break it down by age.

Indoor Activities for Everyone

  • Watch classic Disney Movies. Or their recent updated versions for movies such as Aladdin or Lion King.
  • Play card games. Check out our family favorites.
  • Have a family sleepover or Pajama Jam. Watch movies. Play games. Sleep in the family room together or head to your rooms when the party is done. 

A Pajama party is the perfect idea for some indoor fun with kids.

  • Coloring Books! Yes, this is for all ages because teens and adults can enjoy an adult color books while little ones color a traditional one or on paper. We enjoyed this set of pretty coloring postcards so you could mail a note when you were done.
  • Read a book together. Our hands-down family favorite was the Poppy series by Avi. Start with Poppy and then read the prequel, Ragweed.NOTE: Kindle Unlimited is free for two months right now. It’s a great option if your library is closed.
  • Listen to an audio book together. Check out this list of Favorite Audio books for Families.
    • Play board games. I’ve got a list of family favorites for everyone to enjoy.
    • Watch a family friendly musical. We enjoyed, “Newsies.
    • ​Complete a puzzle together.  We enjoy the puzzles from EuroGraphics that have repeated images, like these donuts.
    • Watch a documentary. Documentaries exist on every topic ranging from nature to history to science. If you haven’t checked out Curiosity Stream, it is less than $20 for the entire year!

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    Indoor Activities for Little Kids

    • Have an indoor dance party. Crank the music and dance around the house.
    • Blow up balloons and toss them around together. Keep them off the ground as long as you can.
    • Fill the sink with water and let them stand on a chair and play with toys in the sink. 
    • Let them pour water from cup to cup on the open dishwasher door.

    Pouring water is a great indoor activity for kids who are little.

    • Pour dry beans or rice into a plastic bin and play with cars in it.
    • Make homemade playdoh.
    • Take a bath with bubbles and some fun bath time toys. Toss in a few measuring cups or funnels from the kitchen for something new to enjoy.
    • Build! Build with megatiles, blocks, and duplos.
    • Spread out a blanket and play. I don’t know why, but there is something fun about a blanket on the floor.
    • Pull out the dress-up bin
    • Let them play with magnets, make sure they are old enough (and the magnets are large enough) that they won’t swallow them.

    Indoor Activities for Big Kids

    • Complete unused craft or science kits around the house. If you need a refresh, order a specific kit that looks like fun! 
    • Decorate cupcakes. or cookies. or brownies. or cakepops.
    • Build an indoor fort. Go all out with cushions, books, and blankets. 
    • Set up Nerf Target practice using cups or other targets.
    • Play games with friends or family over video chat. Need a list of ideas?

    If you are stuck inside, play games over video chat as a fun indoor activity.

  • Write a handwritten note to family and friends to send via snail mail.
  • Facetime your cousins, other family members, or friends. 
  • Make paper airplanes. Have a few contests for distance, design, and stunts.
  • Indoor Activities for Tweens and Teens

    • Take a relaxing bath. Listen to a podcast or music or read a book. 
    • Try a new style with a makeup tutorial. There are lots of great options on YouTube.
    • Play Just Dance or another group game on the video game system. We are huge fans of Overcooked 2
    • Relax with a face sheet mask.
    • Bake something new. My oldest like to bake desserts while my second daughter searched online for a Chickfila nugget copycat recipe.

    • Try your hand at origami. Try EZ Origami videos to guide you as you fold your origami paper.
    • Journal for 10-15 minutes a day.
    • Create artwork. We love these Mixed Media art courses – especially the seasonal ones.
    • Play a board or card game. These are our favorite games that teenagers (and adults!) love. 
    • Play a game over video chat with a group of friends. Here’s a list of games that will work, including a version of Extreme Spoons, perfect for teens.
    • Workout. Do a video. Find a fitness YouTube channel.
    • Clean and organize your bedroom. Hang twinkle lights. Organize a shelf. Go through your clothing.
    • Play video games.
    • Binge a favorite TV show or have a movie marathon. Add some fun to it with some TV BINGO!

    • Paint your nails and toenails. Pamper your feet in a foot bath.
    • Read a book. or two.
    • Listen to a podcast.
    • Make soy wax candles. We began with a basic starter kit and have continued to add on to our collection.
    • Practice your instrument and learn to play a new song.
    • Facetime a friend.
    • Compose a handwritten note to a friend or family member. 

    More Ideas for You and Your Kids


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