A Year in Review: 2016 Reader Favorites

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Have you seen the Top 100 Billboard hits of 2016?

I can. not. believe. that Bieber took the number one spot.  Seriously?  Take a moment to let that one sink in.

And then get ready for more.

Because the number two spot is also a song by Beiber.  Oh yes.  He nabbed the top TWO spots for 2016.

In case you can’t tell, I am not a Belieber.   I would have picked a song by the other Justin.  Justin Timberlake.  His song, “Can’t stop the Feeling” was number 9, though I would have ranked it higher.  I have definite opinions when it comes to pop music.

In the end, whether or not I agree with them, I have always enjoyed reading the “Best of” lists that hit the internet at the end of a year.  It is so much fun to relive my own memories, debate the choices with family, and discover the names of top movies or top books that I missed.

So in the spirit of revisiting last year, I’d like to share the 2016 Reader Favorites from NotBefore7 according to the total page views.

The 2016 Reader Favorites from Not Before 7.

In the spirit of all good Top Ten lists, we’ll begin at the bottom…

Ten: Top Ten Brave Writer Arrow Guides

Brave Writer is a topic that I love to write about because it has had such a positive impact on our homeschool atmosphere and curriculum. There will be more Brave Writer to come this year for sure.

After three years of a Brave Writer Lifestyle, these are my picks for the top ten Arrow Guides.

Nine: The Unique Power of a Homeschool Parent: Innovation

This was actually one of my personal favorite posts this year. I am glad to know that so many of you were encouraged by it as well.

Innovation. The unique power of a Homeschool Parent. Every homeschooling parent is an innovator, bringing education into the 21st century.

Eight: Homeschooling: Love the Year You’re With

We are beginning the second semester of our school year and I am still learning to work around the current situation in our home. It might not be what it once was, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

Seven: Great Gifts for a Homeschool Mom

Apparently, everyone enjoyed shopping, maybe a bit for themselves. HA!

Check out this list of the Best Gifts for a Homeschool Mom.

Six: Innovative Homeschooling: Let’s Talk Literature

Literature is a popular topic on this blog, so you can be sure there is more to come.

Let's talk about updating our literature lists in our homeschools. Here are some titles and ideas!

Five: Tackling Your Mommy Guilt: A Few Strategies

Clearly, I am not the only mom who struggles with guilt and sometimes it helps to put that struggle into words.

Mommy Guilt. It can hit at the most random times. Here are a few strategies for coping with it when it comes up.

Four: Stocking Stuffers that are Worth the Money

Stocking stuffers are my favorite thing to buy and it appears that they are fun for quite a few of you as well! Go ahead and pin this one for next year if you missed it.

Of course, we celebrate “Birthday Eve” with a small gift so this list works well for that as well.

More than 80 stocking stuffer ideas that are worth the money. You won't want to throw these away by New Years!

Three: An Open Letter of Love to my Rolling Cart

So glad that my readers have a sense of humor as well. Ha!

Two: Using the Brave Writer Arrow Guides

Brave Writer makes the top ten list again. The Arrow Guides are a popular topic on this blog and I have no doubt that they will continue to be a topic that I enjoy sharing.

This is our language arts plan to use the Brave Writer Arrow guides in our homeschool.

One: New School Routine: Our Morning Basket

Coming in at number one is my Morning Basket post from almost one year ago.

Interestingly, I am working on my morning basket for January later this afternoon. Without a doubt, this has been another great idea in our homeschool that continues to stick.

morning basket

Thanks for joining me on my trip down memory lane this morning.  Blogging has been one of my favorite experiences this year.  I am so thankful to you all for reading and grateful to have you as a part of my blogging experience.

Happy 2017!

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Here is the list of 2016 Reader Favorites for Not Before 7. Everything from Brave Writer to mom guilt. Check it out here.


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