10+ Great Ways For Your Child to Practice Math Facts

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At some point, every child can use a little extra math fact practice, but flashcards are old fashion and boring. There are so many fun ways to practice math facts that make learning fun.

After some time spent teaching math in the public school and then homeschooling my four kids, these are some of my favorite math fact workbooks, websites, apps, and games.

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Math Fact Practice for Kids

It’s helpful to have excellent (and free!) resources to turn to when your elementary school child needs review or extra practice on a topic.

Keep these resources and games handy so you can play them as part of your regular routine at home.

Remember to keep math fact practice short and fun. Ten minutes a day will accomplish a ton in a short time, so don’t over do it if your child is resistant.

Of course, some of these games are so fun that they don’t even feel like math fact practice anymore – they just feel like playing games!

If memorizing isn’t coming easily

Some kids memorize their facts quickly and some kids take much longer.

When my kids were learning their facts, I always kept math fact practice separate from our regular math curriculum. In order to keep making progress even when they were struggling with their facts, I let them use a multiplication table or this Multiplying Math Keyboard for preschoolers:

They could use these tools to move forward through topics like long division and fractions even if we were still working on multiplication facts at other times during the day.

And yes, even my 8-10-year-olds used the preschool math keyboard when they were doing their math. They found it novel and it gave them the support they needed as they continued to practice the facts.

Below you’ll find a variety of ways to practice math facts, and I hope you find one that clicks best with your child. But in the meantime, don’t let that hold them back.

Math Fact Practice Workbooks

1. Usborne Time Tables – My boys completed a page or two a day and found this book was a fun and gentle way to practice. Usborne has a series of these type of math activity books.

2. One-Minute Math – This series of books is a planned practice program with a built-in review. Please know that I NEVER timed my children. Instead, my kids completed a worksheet each day and once they seemed comfortable with the fact, we moved on.

3. Multiplication Facts that Stick by Kate Snow

This book wasn’t available when my oldest children were learning their math facts, but I sure wish it was. I have heard nothing but great things about this book, so I wanted to include it in this list, though it is more than a workbook.

From Amazon: “Multiplication Facts That Stick will guide you, step-by-step, as you teach your child to understand and memorize the multiplication facts, from 1 x 1 through 10 x 10. Hands-on activities, fun games your child will love, and simple practice pages help young students remember the multiplication facts for good.

In 15 minutes per day (perfect for after school, or as a supplement to a homeschool math curriculum) your child will master the multiplication facts, gain a greater understanding of how math works, and develop greater confidence, in just ten weeks!”

Math Fact Practice Websites

4. Xtra Math – This FREE website keeps track of your child’s progress and drills them for approximately 10 minutes each day. It is timed, but as the teacher, I extended the time limit as high as was allowed. I also do the typing for them so they can focus on just yelling out the facts.

5. Sheppard Software – Another free site full of math fact games. You can find lots of different subjects here, but we focused on the math practice.

6. Splash Math – This website offers a ton of math practice with an account, but you can practice facts on this page for free (and without an account).

7. Dad’s Worksheets – The multiplication worksheet options on this site offer a nice variety of challenges and fun, but there are options for all of the math operations.

Note: I have one child who really struggled to learn her facts. After educational testing, we decided she could just use a calculator though she continued practicing outside of math class. Remember all kids use calculators around the time they begin Algebra, so while facts are important, keep it light and fun.

Math Fact Practice Games

8. Sum Swamp – This one is all about addition and subtraction facts and is a must have for every home with elementary school age kids.

9. Prime Climb – This one has been a nice addition with older kids. Multiply, divide, add, and subtract your way to 101 with prime number surprises along the way.

10. 24 – As a classroom teacher and a homeschool mom, this game has been a staple item for math fun and practice.

11. Math Learning Wrap-Ups. These self-correcting solitaire games can be used on the go or at home. Grab a set and keep some in the car and a few handy at home.

12. Multiplication Slam. This fast-paced game is really five games in one. It’s another great way to practice the facts on the go or at home.

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Free Apps for Math Fact Practice

Our family didn’t use a lot of apps for math facts, but these are two of the free options that had decent reviews.

13. Sushi Monster – this app allows students to practice their addition and multiplication skills by feeding the monster numbered plates of sushi, creating a number sentence to arrive at the monster’s requested number. 

14. Monster Math – is an arcade-style app that provides interactive and challenging math games and practice with calculation skills from addition to division. 

Math Fact Practice Reminder

It takes time and patience while your kids are learning math facts. Some kids learn more quickly than others but remember that the most important thing is consistent (3-4 times a week) practice.

Make it fun and a short part of the daily routine.

Most of all, be patient and try to make it as enjoyable as possible!

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Over 10 ways for your child to practice their math facts using websites, worksheets, games, and more!

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