Happy Planning Your Homeschool Year

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I wasn’t going to be one of those planner girls. You know the ones. The ones with the Happy Planners, piles of washi tape, and stickers.

Will. Not. Do. It.

Then, the allure of a pretty happy planner called to me and I found myself “just looking”. The next thing I knew, the friendly planner gal standing next to me introduced me to a fancy hole punch that would allow me to put any pages that I wanted into the planner.

Which meant that I could insert the forms from my homeschool planner into the pages of the Happy Planner.


And that’s how I became one of those planner girls.

Plan Your Year Kit and the Happy Planner work well together for the perfect homeschool and life planner.

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Homeschool Planner vs. Life Planner

This past school year I tried to keep up with two planners.  I had a homeschool planner for my school plans and super simple bullet journal for the rest of life.

My bullet journal worked out incredibly well. I loved it. Household planning was very under control.

Unfortunately, my school planner really fell apart this year. I didn’t keep up with it the way that I wanted to and I felt the effects of my disorganization at times. As a homeschooling mom, my life and our homeschool aren’t separate items.  I knew that something needed to change, but I wasn’t sure of the solution.

This is probably why I found myself seeking answers in the planner aisle at Michael’s.

One Planner to Rule Them All

Then I saw it. The Happy Planner.

The 18 month BIG Happy Planner. In the Daydream style. I opened it.

Using the Happy Planner as a life and homeschool planner in one.


I knew this was it. My solution.

I was immediately drawn to the three blocks available for the weekly calendar.

  • Top block: Household (meals, chores, appointments)
  • Middle block: School activities and priorities
  • Lower block: Blogging and work (a new section I need at this point).

I had no doubt I could make this work, but the Happy Planner alone lacked what I needed for the nitty gritty homeschool planning and record keeping.

I knew I could print all of the forms from Pam’s Plan Your Year Kit, but I wasn’t sure how to put it all together.

Then someone in the aisle showed me the happy planner punch.

You mean that I can make those special hole punches in any paper in the world and I can put them in this planner?

Yes. Yes, you can.

{insert the sound of angels singing}

I am in! I am SO in.

One Happy Homeschool Planner

Later that week, I finally sat down with my Plan Your Year Planning Kit and my new Happy Planner.

Don’t they make a lovely pair?

Homeschool Planner and the Happy Planner together in one system.

The Plan Your Year Kit comes with so many goodies:

  • 79-Page Planning Guide (pictured above)
  • Over 40 editable planning forms
  • Audio workshops with Sarah Mackenzie and Mystie Winckler
  • Free lifetime updates and bonuses
  • Free Facebook community

Of course, I quickly dove into the forms and began printing. Pam includes so many great options so you can customize your planner.

Plan Your Year forms.

With my handy Arc Punch (recommended to me so that I can punch laminated sheets and cardstock), I was able to get to work on building a school section for my planner.

After I satisfied my urge to print the lovely pages, I took some time to read through the planning guide. In her guide, Pam walks you step by step through the “big picture” of your school year to the daily routine for your children. She offers tips, ideas, and a variety of options.

One thing I love about Pam’s guide is that she isn’t offering a “one size fits all” formula. Instead, her desire is to guide you so that you can design a plan for the school year as unique as your family.

Homeschool Planner Set-Up

I shared my planner and a few ideas on a Facebook Live video. If you want to see the planners working together in action, then you can watch it below:

  • At minute 10:38, I share my favorite form that I am using to lay out my whole year!
  • Around minute 18:00 I share how I am trimming the planning sheets from Pam’s kit to fit in my monthly layout sections and still look like “inserts”.

In the video above, a viewer suggested that I laminate the page that I love so much to keep it nice and sturdy.

I tried it and shared later that day how well it worked:

The Homeschool Planning Kit from Pam includes lifetime access to all of her downloadable forms. Every new form that she adds will be accessible to anyone who has purchased her kit.

What I love about Pam is that she listens to her customers and when there is enough demand for a particular form or layout, then she tries to make the time to create it. There are new files available in her Facebook Community that were requested this year.

Right now the Plan Your Year Kit is $24, but on June 20th the price will increase to $29 so this is a great time to purchase it.

Happy Planners are available at many of your local craft and hobby shops as well as on Amazon. Of course, you can go crazy with stickers and washi tape, but that is your call.

There is nothing as pretty and promising and HAPPY as a fresh, clean planner. Now go enjoy planning your homeschool year!


Combine the Happy PLanner with the Homeschool Planner by Pam Barnhill.


Click here for a seriously simple weekly Bullet Journal Layout.


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  1. Fabulous post and a fun and inspiring video!!! You are just a blast to watch. I loooove your new planning system! Just wondering…where do you put the actual lesson plans for all of your kids…in one little box or a printable? Thanks

    1. I’ll probably use a combination. The main boxes will have big things I need to remember. We do a lot together, so I think I’ll be ok. My high schooler might get her own planner so we can decorate and use them together.

  2. I bought the big, 18-month happy planner too when I found out that I could punch my own pages 🙂 I’m super excited to try it out!

  3. Loved this idea! I’ve tried soo many different planner approaches and nothing has worked (maybe that’s my own lack of discipline? but for now, I’ll blame it on the system) 😉

    I think I’ll be trying the PYY / Happy planner combo this year!

  4. I bought some 28 lb and 32 lb paper last year to insert my school schedule into my Happy Planner and it is a lot sturdier than regular paper and thinner than cardstock. Plus it has a very smooth texture. It can be pricy. I think I got mine at Walmart.com, but Costco was pretty reasonable also.

    1. That is such a great idea. Thank you! I might check Walmart this weekend.

  5. I just ordered my Big Happy Planner and I’ve been trying to justify doing the Plan Your Year too… now I will for sure! I can start working on it while I wait for my planner to get here. Thanks for the great post/videos!!

    1. I think the ARC might be over doing it. The Happy Punch should be just fine. I did hear that the Happy Punch can’t handle laminated paper, so if that matters to you then I would buy the ARC.

  6. I so loved this. I am new to the homeschooling idea. Scared to death but cannot watch my daughter suffer any longer. I am a planner by nature. I tried to do the google calendar but I still like to have a paper backup. We use to call them a file-a-fax. I am excited and nervous as we start this new adventure. I am looking to find exactly how some of your fill out these pages and what to put where and what if I choose to do something like time 4 learning. Wish me luck!

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