Christmas Ornament for our book clubs

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This school year, each of my daughters is involved in a book club. It has been such a sweet time of friendship and learning for each of them.

When I saw this ornament, I knew it was the perfect craft to make in honor of this memorable year of our book clubs.  With a few minor adaptations to make the construction a bit easier and somewhat more secure, I knew this would turn out as a precious memento of our year!

IMG_1114  IMG_1113{This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure.}

Of course, my book design has my name on the front, but each girl created and personalized their own book.  The “pages” of the book contain the names of each of the book titles that we studied this school year.

On the back “cover” of the book, the girls wrote the names of the other book club members.


The supplies are pretty basic and you will probably find that most are in your house this very moment:  cardstock, paper cutter (or straight edge with an exacto knife), tape, pencil, glue, ruler, ribbon/string/embroidery floss for the ornament tie, and fine tip markers.


Gather your supplies, and get ready to practice:

Happy Ornament Making! 


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