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Teach: Creating Independently Responsible Learners by Dennis DiNoia

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It will come as no surprise to everyone that I love to read.

Yes. I love a good fiction book, but as a homeschooling mom, I also love to read books that inspire and encourage me on my homeschooling journey.

This weekend, I sat down with TEACH: Creating Independently Responsible Learners by Dennis DiNoia and it gave me some much-needed “let’s do this well” energy so I can make it to the end of the year.

Find tips to create independently responsible learners with this homeschool book by Dennis DiNoia

This sponsored post also included a free copy of this book in exchange for my review. You can read my full disclosure here.

TEACH as Homeschooling Inspiration

A good book about homeschooling can be just what a homeschool mom needs to give her a boost of inspiration and encouragement.

Of course, if it is done in a conversational and easy-to-read tone, then it is a double win in my book. (pun intended)

And that is exactly what TEACH: Creativing Independently Responsible Learners was for me this weekend – a conversational “chat” that injected much-needed motivation into my end-of-the-year homeschooling plans.

Because let’s be honest, it is getting toward the end of the year and motivation is waning. It’s easy to let our homeschool life in a house of teens turn into a checklist so we can quickly move on.

But this book reminded me that there are bigger goals beyond getting things done. Homeschooling isn’t just about checking off the boxes of each subject for the day.

Teaching involves much more than just helping my kids memorize the steps to solve the problem.

It is about helping them learn how to learn.

It’s about creating independently responsible learners.

Thanks for the reminder, Mr. D!

Teach: Creativing Independently Responsible Learners by Dennis DiNoia held in the air wiht a bookshelf background.

A Litte Bit About Dennis DiNoia

Speaking of Mr. D, you have probably heard me talk about him before. He is indeed our favorite math teacher.

I’ve shared our experiences many times on this blog, including how Mr. D saved my homeschool sanity when it came to teaching mathematics.

Dennis is a former high school math teacher who created his own math courses and offers them online. He is also an active speaker in the homeschooling community.

The first two chapters in the book explain the parts of his journey in education that lead him to his current philosophy of teaching and approach to creating independent learners.

It was informative to read about the reasoning behind his approach to teaching as it changed based on his own observations and experience in the classroom.

A section about Dennis DiNoia, the author of TEACH: Creativing Independently Responsible Leaners

Inside TEACH by Dennis DiNoia

TEACH: Creating Independently Responsible Learners by Dennis DiNoia is an informal look at how you can coach your children to take responsibility for their own learning.

One unique thing about this book is that it is written for both teens and their parents to read. You can read it yourself and then hand it to your teen to read as well.

Overall, the book is conversational enough that anyone can read it.

But it is clear in a few chapters that Mr. D speaks directly to the student while other chapters are aimed at the parent.

Chapters Include:

  • Chapter 1: An Accidental Discovery
  • Chapter 2: The Independently Responsible Learner
  • Chapter 3: The Student is the Teacher
  • Chapter 4: Checking Your Own Work
  • Chapter 5: Present Yourself
  • Chapter 6: Testing, Testing, 1-2-3
  • Chapter 7: Learning How to Think
  • Chapter 8: Do What You Love To Do
  • Chapter 9: Mastermind
  • Chapter 10: The Parent is the Coach
  • Bonus Chapter: Goal Setting

My main takeaway from the book was from the chapter, “The Parent is the Coach,” because that is exactly what I am right now in a house of teens and adult children.

This chapter offered encouragement and support for where I am with my kids right now (and have been for many years).

A quote from TEACH by Dennis DiNoia.

This chapter was the perfect follow-up to the previous chapters about practical ways to help your kids become responsible for their learning.

Chapter Four focuses on helping your students check their work while Chapter Five includes ways your students should “present themselves.” Together, these chapters were the reminder I needed for the end of the year.

Recently, we have slipped into previous “classroom habits” where my son completes his work and then sits back as I explain the mistakes. And this trickles into other subjects.

The message in these two chapters wasn’t new to me, but it was a good reminder to put away the bad habits we have let creep back into our homeschool.

It’s time to get back in the habit of allowing my son to check his work and explain his mistakes to me. It’s time to remember that my goal is to help him become responsible for his learning.

Parents will appreciate this quick read with practical tips.

The book, Teach: Creating Independently Responsible Adults, by Dennis DiNoia being held up.

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