5 Simple Self-Care Ideas

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Occasionally it occurs to me that I am allowed to spoil ME.

Yep. Momma is allowed to spoil herself.

It’s not a crazy concept, but it’s often a forgotten one. It’s easy to forget to take care of me in the midst of swim team, carpool, cleaning, and summer projects. And sometimes there just is no. time. in. the. day.

At least it feels that way.

So what is a mom to do?

Simple Self-Care tips for moms to implement into their daily routine.

Let’s be honest, a night alone in a hotel room with my favorite books, laptop, and take out food would be a magnificent way to spoil myself. But this dream isn’t going to happen on a regular basis.

In fact. I am pretty sure that dream has never been my reality. Ever. Though I have had plenty of great weekend getaways with friends or my husband and they certainly fill the self-care cup!

But on a daily basis, I need simple ideas for self-care and simple routines that make me feel spoiled.

Therefore, in the spirit of simple self-care, here five ways I am spoiling ME these days.

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Simple Self-Care: Exfoliate Your Face

All it takes is one extra minute in the shower for my face to feel incredibly smooth.

My favorite face scrubs aren’t expensive. A container caught my eye in a local store about 6 months ago and bought it on a whim. It was the scent and type I remembered so well from my high school days.

And it still feels just as lovely on this 40-year-old skin. (ahem)

I am so glad that I bought a facial scrub for myself. I keep it in the shower as a visual reminder to take a moment for myself a few times a week.

Simple Self-Care: Exfoliate Your Lips

OK. Stay with me here. Because I have to back up a little bit to explain this one.

A few months ago, I was shopping for a bold lipstick. I hadn’t worn one in years. Maybe not ever. But suddenly I had a need for a bright, bold lip color. Because…Facebook Live.

Just a note – A bold lipstick works wonders for live video. 

As I was shopping, the employee asked, “When was the last time you exfoliated your lips?”

Exfoliated my lips? Was she serious?

Apparently, she was.

I had no idea that people exfoliated their lips. But they do, and there are special products to help people keep their lips smooth and before I even knew what was happening, I was testing this product and my lips felt smooth. so smooth.

And I fell for it. Hook. Line. Sinker.

I went home with this little lip exfoliating container and I love it. It takes a just a moment at the sink in the morning with this sugar scrub for my lips to feel soft and smooth.

And sometimes a moment is all I get.

Simple Self-Care: Candles

This one is really simple: Light a candle.

That’s it. And sometimes that’s all you need.

Simple Self Care for Moms. Light a candle.

Choose a spot in the house and light a candle for your own enjoyment. Do it in the morning. The middle of the day. Or the evening.

Something about the scent and the glow of a candle makes everything feel more peaceful, calm, clean, and special.

Personally, I like to clear the kitchen island and place a scented candle in the middle of it. Often the rest of the kitchen is a disaster, but a clean kitchen island with a lit, scented candle makes everything appear cleaner and sometimes appearance is all I need.

Simple Self-Care: Get Fresh Air

Take a run.

Take a walk.

Take a seat in a chair on the porch, preferably with a good book.

and if you can’t break away from the “to-do list” on the computer then…

Take your laptop outside and accomplish your goals while breathing the fresh air

While you are sitting outside, take two minutes to just sit and breathe. Allow yourself a moment to recognize the fresh air and its effect on you. It just takes a moment and then you can get back to your conversations, your book, or your laptop.

Simple Self-Care: Make Popcorn

Is popcorn not your thing? Then find your munchie and make it or buy it.

I like popcorn because it curbs the munchies without a lot of sugar or fat. I like to make it on the stovetop with a little oil and then a little salt.

And I make it every. single. night.

I might eat it while I work on the bills, watch Netflix, talk with my husband, or watch my current show addiction with my daughters.

It is a simple routine and I love it. Without a whole lot of fun, I can take care of myself and feel just a tiny bit spoiled.

How about you, Momma. What simple routines are part of your self-care?


Tips for simple self-care routines for moms to implement easily every day.


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