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My Children’s Book Club Plans this Year

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Last year I organized two successful book clubs for my daughters:  The Arrow Book Club (5th/6th) and the Boomerang Book Club (7th/8th).  We follow the Brave Writer literature suggestions for our titles and our family uses the Brave Writer Language Arts book guides at home.

This year the girls have graduated so the Arrow Book Club will include 6th and 7th grade girls while the Boomerang Book Club will include 8th and 9th grade girls.  I will also be adding a boys book club for 3rd-6th grade boys!

I’ve tweeked the meeting plans a bit this year based on the results of last year.  The girls’ book clubs will meet 8 times this year beginning in September and ending in May.  We will skip a December meeting based on the busy holiday season.   The boys’ book club will meet 6 times this year (Set-Nov; Jan-Mar) through a local homeschool group and I will run the meetings with two friends.


The following titles are the ones we have selected for the coming school year.

We have to pick and choose from the official Boomerang and Arrow book list as we only meet 8 times, not 10.  The official subscription included 10 titles, so I typically make time to do the others with my kids in August and December.

Boomerang Book Club in order from Sept – May, skipping December.

**NOTE: The April Shakespeare title is not set in stone. I will wait until we see any performance opportunities being offered and then we will select our title, but it will be a comedy this year!

Arrow Book Club in order from Sept – May, skipping December.

Boys Book Club – Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, March

We will continue to celebrate each month with a fantastic Party School Book Club meeting!  I am looking forward to another successful and memorable year!

If you are interested in Brave Writer Guides for any of these titles, the Arrow titles can be purchased individually and the Boomerang titles can be as well.

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