The Best Tips and Tricks for Homeschooling on the Go

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As much as I love our homeschool days when we don’t leave the house, my kids are involved in outside classes and activities so days on the go can’t be helped. Instead of fighting it or dreading it, we have learned to embrace and enjoy our homeschooling on the go days just as much as our days spent at home in the living room.

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Tricks and Tips for Homeschooling on the Go

When one of my kids has a class outside our home, I can either drive there and home and then there and back again or I can bring the whole crew and we can find somewhere to complete our school work.

Typcially, I find more time in my day when I save myself the trouble of driving there and back and then there and back again. If I bring other children with me, we can accomplish quite a bit of schoolwork (or fun!) as we wait for a sibling in class.

In the past, we have refered to our homeschooling on the go days as “Panera-school” or “Starbucks-school” or wherever we might find a place to work and enjoy a snack.

Ideas for homeschooling on the go because we aren't always home when we homeschool.

Homeschool on the Go: Prepare Ahead

Prepare for your day the night before. I ask my kids to fill their “on the go bin” with all of the items they’ll need for the next day. It makes the morning so much easier if we prepared the night before.

Items we might include in our school bins:

  • 1. independent workbooks
  • 2. answer keys (for mom!)
  • 3. pencils and pens
  • 4. book to read
  • 5. textbooks
  • 6. tablet
  • 7. headphones
  • 8. card games
  • 9. Read Aloud book (for mom!)
  • 10. snack (if we are headed to a local park)

We typically store everyone’s independent work in their bin at home, so it is easy to add a few additional items.

I prepare my laptop bag with my laptop and the read-aloud book. I typically read to them while they eat a snack from the coffee shop or the location we choose. Some days I read our science textbook. Other days I bring a favorite book of stories, a current non-fiction title, or a picture book.

Homeschool on the go.

Homeschooling on the Go: Make it Work

It isn’t always a smooth work session. Homeschooling requires patience and flexibility and homeschooling on the go is no different.

“Mom, can you help me with this math?”

“I am ready to do my spelling now.”

“I don’t understand what this is saying.”

I try to patiently answer questions and help people through their lessons, one at a time.

My kids have short daily lessons, even in math. We focus on consistent short lessons, leaving us lots of time for group lessons and other projects when their independent work is complete.

There are times that I pack up a group project instead of their daily work because all good things need variety.

Homeschooling on the Go: End on a Fun Note

Try to leave some time in the end for the kids to play on their tablets or play cards together. If I need a personal break, then I typically give them time on their tablets.

Homeschooling on the go, which we affectionately call Panera schooling.

Having a little fun at a local cafe or coffee shop helps me look forward to our morning out instead of dreading the early run to an outside class.

In fact, sometimes a card game is the only “school” we take. Yep, we like to take our game schooling on the road too.

Homeschooling on the Go: Helpful Supplies

Storage Bins with Handles – We picked similar bins up at the Container Store and they are perfect for school on the go. In fact, we store all of our school work in them so we can hide it away on the weekend.

Pencil Containers – Keep these handy with pens, pencils, and a few colored pencils. It’s easy to toss one in a bin and have your supplies on hand.

Laptop Bag – This is my exact laptop bag. I love it. It fits my laptop (a slim Mac) and several notebooks, pens, and even a book or two.

Homeschooling on the Go: Top Five Card Game Picks

Coup – This game could just remain in my purse. It is our top choice to play at a restaurant while waiting for food or a coffee shop while enjoying our snacks. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and we love it. (ages 7 and up – your kids under 10 will catch on if you have older ones playing)

Exploding Kittens – This game probably ties Coup for “game most travelled with” in our family. Fantastic option.

Sushi Go – This one takes a little more time, so pack it when you aren’t taking too much work to accomplish.

UNO – This is a classic favorite that our whole family still enjoys. It’s another easy one to play when schooling on the go.

Skipbo – Another classic game we enjoy on the go.

Looking for more game ideas?

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Embrace the time together wherever homeschooling on the go takes you….


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  1. Cute! We Panera-School every Tuesday, for the same reason. I’m not into the driving back and forth. Also the smoothies and fresh baked bread are a plus too. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  2. I don’t like driving back and forth either, but my children get to their lessons independently: mostly by bicycle, or otherwise bus or train. Could that be an option for your children?

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