Learn Around The World

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When my 14 and 12-year-old daughters were 7 and 5, we spent two years studying the countries, stories, and cultures from around the Globe.

Learning around the World.

It’s been 5 years since our fun ended and I am feeling the itch to do it again. I want my boys (ages 10 and 8) to enjoy and learn from a similar experience.

So I did what I always do: I called a few friends and formed a group and together we are going to “Learn Around the World” with our kids this year. We will do all of our studies at home with our own children using materials of our own choosing. We’ll follow the same schedule and at the end of each continent, we will get together for a continent party. There will be music, food, crafts, and presentations.

I am so ready for this again!

It got me thinking that YOU might want to join us, so this is my official invitation. I’d love to have your family join us as we “Learn Around the World” this year.

Learn Around the World: The Plan

We’ll begin our study with an overview of the globe, the continents, and maps. Then we will spend a few weeks learning about each continent with a focus on 2-3 specific countries. At the end of each continent study, we’ll celebrate with a party which will include music, food, games, and crafts. You can have a party with your own kids or include some friends in the fun!

You can follow my plan or create your own. As we finish with each continent, I’ll link to the post with the resources and information about the continent, but we’ll discuss it all in the Facebook group as we go along.

Then general outline that I will follow:

  • August: General Geography – Resources
  • Sept: South America – Resources
  • October: North America – Resources
  • November: Asia – Resources
  • December: Holidays around the world – Resources
  • Jan: Asia and the Middle East – Resources
  • Feb: The North Pole and Antarctica – Resource
  • March: Africa – Resources
  • April: Europe – Resources
  • May: Oceania – Resources

Join our Facebook group as we Learn Around the World.

Learn Around the World: Join the Fun

Wait a second….how can I join in this study? That’s easy.

If you are interested in having some fun with geography this year, then you can join the Learn Around the World Facebook group. It will be one big brainstorming, idea-sharing community so we can explore the World with our kids during the year. Everyone will be welcome to share ideas, recipes, book titles, and crafts!

I’ll use my basic plan and you can follow or create your own and use the group to search for ideas as you need them.

You can also follow my Learn Around the World Board in Pinterest or all of my boards for homeschooling ideas.

Hope you’ll join us as we Learn Around the World


Join in our Facebook group as we Learn Around the World.


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  1. Hi Mary. How are You? Time flies. Your little ones aren’t so little anymore. Just saw that you joined Bravewriter. Congratulations! ??

    Simone from CC~back in the day.

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