101 Fantastic Gifts for College Students in 2023

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Finding the right gifts for your college student can be tough, especially if they no longer live at home. You aren’t there to witness and share in their everyday life anymore so it is hard to know what they would find useful, practical, or fun.

But I’ve got you covered. This list of gifts for college students is sure to have something for every college kid on your list, including your own!

Find an extensive list of 101 gifts for college students this year.

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Buying Gifts for College Students

I know it is tough to find the right gift for college kids, as I have two of them in the house. So I recruited them to help me make this list.

I was shocked at all of the fun ideas they had that I would not have considered. I guess they would know best, huh?

So enjoy this fantastic list of gifts for college students created by the college students in this house.

92 of the Best Gifts for College Students

This is a pretty big list so the gifts are organized by topic to help you find the best gifts for your child.

Electronic Must-Haves in College

Portable Charger – for life on the go
Apple Air Tag – for those keys or wallet
Air Tag Case – there are plenty of color choices
Air Tag Wallet – immediately placed on my list for my son!

10th Generation iPad – for Netflix on the go (ha)
10th Generation iPad case – plenty of color options
USB C to USB connectors – cause everything needs to get along
Wireless Slim Mouse

Apple AirPods Pro – my 19 year old swears by these
Apple AirPods Case
Apple AirPods Cleaning Kit
Laptop Lap Desk

Lighting Charging Cables
Jurassic Cord Protectors – tell me why I want these too!
GoPro Hero 10
Apple Watch

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker
Wall Charging Blocks
Bluetooth Projector

Dorm Room Decor

Grab a few practical items for dorm decoration:

Command Strip Kit
Wooden Push Pins – for a unique look
Basic Push Pins
Cork Board – we used acrylic paint on the cork and the frame for a unique look

Desktop Mirror – so they don’t have to go down the hall
Dry Erase Memo Board – perfect to hang on their door
Dry Erase Markers – don’t forget the markers!
Wall Calendar – this one goes through December 2024

Find a few items to spruce up their bed and living space.

Warm Blanket for Bed
Unique Pillows – boho style or find your own style
Fake Cactus Plants – no need to worry about taking care of these
Reading Pillow – for doing school work in bed

Find some fantastic wall decor to reflect their unique personality.

Moon Wall Hanging
Small Wall Collage Kit – find a style that works for you – this one is Boho
Artificial Flowers
Boho Tapestry

Gaming Tapestry
Retro American Flag
College Banner – show their college pride
Inspirational Prints

Light it up to create a vibe for your college student:

Neon Pretty Sign – it’s a bit of a Barbie vibe and we like it
Rainbow Neon Sign
White Lightning
Electric Waves – perfect for the student by the beach

Ideas for making your dorm room your own unique space:

Window Privacy Film
Bungee Chair
Vinyl Record Shelf – can you believe they are displaying their vinyl?
Handy Tabletop Bookshelf

Candle Warmer – perfect for scented wax melts
Scented Wax Melts
Plug-In Wax Warmer
Wax Warmer Liners – make it easy for your college student to clean up

Find the best gifts for your college student

School Supplies for College Students

Waterproof Backpack Cover
Laptop Backpack – my son and husband love this brand
Laptop Sleeve
Inkjoy Gel Pens

Pencil Case
Fun Highlighters
2024 Planner

Bathroom Necessities

Soap Dispenser
Makeup Brush or Toothbrush Holder
Fluffy Bath Towels
Fun Shower Curtain – plenty of color and design options

Transportation for College Students

Inexpensive Bicycle
Skateboard for Beginners
Electric Longboard
Longboard (NOT electric) – push it yourself, kid

Gifts for the Driver

Car Seat Organizer
Car Mount for Phone
Fuzzy Dice – a little throwback
Visor Organizer

Practical Clothing Ideas

Inexpensive Sunglass Duo
Birkenstock Sandals
Sperry Boots – a must-have for rainy days

Novelty Crew Socks
Novelty Socks for Men
Beanie Hat

Games College Students Enjoy

Quixx – my daughter and my favorite
Five Crowns
Sushi Go
Phase 10

Just for Fun and Practical Ideas

Squishmallows – what is with these cute stuffies?
Instant Camera
Instant Camera Film
Iron Flask Water Bottle – our family’s favorite

College Stickers
Pepper Spray
Encouragement Cards – write back kiddo!
Journal Pack

Starbucks Gift Cards – for that caffeiene addiction
Cold Stone Creamery
Amazon Gift Cards
Domino’s Gift Cards – for some late night pizza

Field Notebooks
Water Bottle Stickers
Adult Coloring Book
Magnetic Fidget Toys

Pop Sockets – so many options
Hammock – read a book and relax with friends

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