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The Ultimate Guide to Poetry Collections for Kids

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A good poetry collection for kids throws open the door to the wide world of poetry by exposing the reader to a wide variety of poems and poets.

Over the years we have enjoyed various poetry collections and I’ve collected most of the titles to create this Ultimate Guide to Poetry Collections for Kids. From nature poetry to comedic poems, your kids are certain to find some favorites in these poetry anthologies.

It’s here just in time for National Poetry Month (April), but you can (and should) pull them out all year long.

Find the ultimate list of poetry collections for kids.

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Reading Poetry with Kids

It’s easy to neglect reading poetry with kids in your homeschool, but it is such an important writing format to enjoy with your kids.

Poetry collections for kids make it easy to enjoy a variety of poetry with your kids. These amazing books contain poems by a variety of poets so your kids are exposed to a wide range of poetry in one book.

Our family likes to include poetry collections during our Morning Time but you can include them any time it works best for your family.

Ultimate Guide to Poetry Collections for Kids

Poems to Learn by Heart
by Caroline Kennedy

This book includes more than 100 poems that explore a range of emotions and ordinary experiences. The poems are organized into sections about nature, nonsense, monsters and fairies, school, and more. This book is full of delightful and memorable poems.

Julie Andrews’ Collection of Poems, Songs, and Lullabies

This has been one of my favorites since my babies were little. It includes a CD with poems read aloud by Julie Andrews and her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton. These poems are organized by topics such as animals, growing up, laughter, leisure, and more.

Julie Andrews’ Treasury For All Seasons: Poems and Songs to Celebrate the Year

A combination of classic and modern poems celebrate holidays throughout the year including New Years, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, and more!

Poetry Teatime Companion:
A Brave Writer Sampler of British and American Poems
Julie Bogart and Nancy Graham

This delightful collection is organized by categories that include seasons, travel, solitude, and more. Each poem includes notes that tell a bit about the author and invite the audience into a deeper connection with the poem.

One Minute till Bedtime:
60-second Poems to Send You Off to Sleep selected
Kenn Nesbitt

Pull this delightful collection of poems out at bedtime and send your little one off to sleep with poems by Jack Prelutsky, Jon Scieszka, Mary Ann Hoberman, Nikki Grimes, Lemony Snicket, Jane Yolen, and many more.

Hip Hop Speaks to Children: A Celebration of Poetry with a Beat
(A Poetry Speaks Experience)
edited by Nikki Giovanni

This collection contains more than 50 poems and songs from Queen Latifah to Langston Hughes. The audio CD includes more than 30 performances.

The Random House Book of Poetry for Children:
A Treasure of 572 Poems for Today’s Child
selected by Jack Prelutsky

This collection of poems was selected by the nation’s first Children’s Poet Laureate, Jack Prelutsky. This book contains a wealth of beloved classics as well as modern gems.

Jumping Off Library Shelves: A Book of Poems
selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins

This collection of poems is all about experiences at the library from getting your first library card to attending story hour, the fun of using the computer, and more.

Poems for Kids: Over 600 poems for teaching poetry terms
& poetic devices to children in grades 3-6

Selected by Lorrie L. Birchall

Explore the wide variety of poetry included in this collection. The organization of this anthology makes it easy to teach specific poetry terms and devices to children in elementary school.

National Geographic Book of Nature Poetry:
More than 200 Poems with Photographs that Float, Zoom, and Bloom

edited by J. Patrick Lewis

This book pairs amazing nature photography with classic and modern poetry. The pictures are gorgeous and the poetry varies from silly to serious.

Once Upon a Poem: Favorite Poems that Tell Stories

A fabulous collection of classic and contemporary narrative poems. Introduce your kids to everything from Paul Revere’s Ride and Jabberwocky to Jim Who Ran Away from his Nurse, and Was Eaten by a Lion.

Falling Down the Page
edited by Georgia Heard

This delightful collection of list poems features contemporary poets such as Marilyn Singer and Eileen Spinelli. These poems are sure to inspire budding poets in your own home.

Keep a Pocket in Your Poem
written and selected by J. Patrick Lewis

This collection pairs a variety of classic poems, such as Keep a Poem in Your Pocket and Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening with accompanying parodies written by J. Patrick Lewis.

A Poem for Every Day of the Year
edited by Allie Esiri

A treasury of poems collected for specific calendar days to read throughout the year. We love this book, though I stopped feeling the overwhelming pressure to keep up with it regularly. Whenever we remember it for a time period, we simply read the poems that line up with the current date.

A Poem for Every Night of the Year
by Howard Hughes

This is the same concept as the previous collection, but with different poems. It’s perfect to pull out at bedtime.

My Village: Rhymes from Around the World
collected by Danielle Wright

This collection includes 22 nursery rhymes from Iran to Iceland and Samoa to Switzerland. Each nursery rhyme appears in its native language accompanied by the English translation.

National Geographic The Poetry of US:
More Than 200 Poems that Celebrate the People, Places, and Passions of the United States

Celebrate the culture of the United States with this unique collection of poetry. We had a great time looking up poetry for our region and finding poems about local landmarks such as The Biltmore.

Read-Aloud Poems for Young People:
An Introduction to the Magic and Excitement of Poetry
edited by Glorya Hale

This collection includes over 300 poems by well-known poets such as Maya Angelou, A. A. Milne, Robert Frost, Dr. Seuss, and W.B. Yeats. They are organized by a variety of topics including Just Me, Meet the Family, Poems that tell Stories, Poems to Ponder, and more.

World Make Way:
New Poems Inspired by Art from The Metropolitan Museum of Art
edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins

Eighteen poets composed new poems inspired by some of the most popular works in the collection at The Metropolitan Museum. Poetry paired with art makes for a delightful read.

Sing a Song of Seasons:
A Nature Poem for Each Day of the Year

Edited by Fiona Waters

Enjoy a poetry collection full of poems inspired by the changing seasons all year long.

National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry:
200 Poems with Photographs that Squeak, Soar, and Roar!

Another collection from National Geographic combines stunning photographs with classic and modern poetry.

One Last Word: Wisdom from the Harlem Renaissance
by Nikki Grimes

This collection by Nikki Grimes is inspired by the writers of the Harlem Renaissance. Nikkie uses “The Golden Shovel” method to create original poems based on the works of master poets who lived during this era.

Kids Pick the Funniest Poems
Edited by Bruce Lansky

This collection of poems is the funniest one you’ll find. Enjoy some of the best humourous poems and laugh with your kids.

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