How to Make a Natural, Homemade Bird Feeder with Gelatin

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These natural, homemade bird feeders are a fun indoor activity that will bring hours of delightful bird watching to your own yard. It doesn’t cost much to make a gelatin bird seed ornament and the result is natural and lovely. It’s easy to try different shapes, different seed mixes, and different color ribbons to make the bird feeder as unique as you like.

Get ready to attract Chickadees, Cardinals, Nuthatches, and Titmice to your bird seed ornament. These winter birds just love seed cakes.

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Make a Gelatin Bird Seed Feeder

This simple activity is fun for the whole family. Create them at home as a family or invite a few friends and make them together.

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Supplies for a Gelatin Bird Seed Feeder

Birdseed (any type of mix)
1 envelope of unflavored gelatin
1 straw
Jute Cord 
Colored Ribbon
Muffin Tin (or cookie cutters in a variety of shapes)
Vegetable Oil
Scotch Tape

Let’s Make a Gelatin Bird Seed Feeder

Using the scissors, cut the straw into 6 pieces. The straw won’t be part of the final bird seed feeder. It’s simply a place holder so any color straw will do.

Very lightly coat the muffin tin with vegetable oil. If you are using cookie cutters, lightly coat the sides with the vegetable oil.

Mix ½ cup of boiling hot water with 1 envelope of unflavored gelatin and stir until fully dissolved. If young children are helping with the process, let them add the gelatin after you have poured hot water in the bowl and then assist them as you gently stir.

Once the gelatin is mostly dissolved, add 1 cup of birdseed to the gelatin mixture and stir well.

Use the birdseed mixture to fill each muffin tin section, at equal levels, with the gelatin and birdseed mixture.

If you are using cookie cutters, place them on a baking sheet that is covered with wax paper then fill them with bird seed.

Place the muffin tin or baking sheet in the refrigerator to begin to chill. After the mixture has been chilling for about 10/15 minutes, place a piece of cut straw in the center of each section. (Place the straw closer to the top of your cookie-cutter designs) Be sure the straw touches the bottom of the tin!

Return the muffin tin to the fridge until the birdseed mixture is firmly set. This will take about an hour. Once set, carefully remove each round from the muffin tin mold.

Push the straw through the round to form a hole for the ribbon/cord.

Cut the jute cord or ribbon to the desired hanging length, wrap one end tightly with scotch tape, and push through the hole in the round, tying the ends together with a knot.

You can also use 3 pieces of ribbon, cord, or a combination of both to make braid, then complete the step above. Be creative and make your gelatin birdseed ornament a unique one!

Hang your finished round bird seed ornament outside and enjoy watching your feathered friends enjoy their visit.

Happy Bird Watching!

Want a set of printable directions?

Want to add a little art fun?

Add some art fun to your bird watching experience with this chalk pastel lesson. It’s perfect for bird watching all year long.

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