Learn Geography using Fun and Games

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Homeschool Geography doesn’t have to include workbooks or endless copies of boring maps to fill in. There are so many ways to learn about geography with your kids through games and fun activities.

Our family is spending a year focused on Geography and I have started gathering ideas.

My goal is a year of fun, not a year of worksheets!

Geography games for fun and learning.

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You can learn so much Geography using games without having to resort to workbooks and dry textbooks. In fact, if memorizing physical features is important to you, you can accomplish this goal in all sorts of fun and interactive ways.

Physical Geography Fun and Games

NOTE: This is nothing wrong with labeling a map worksheet! In fact, labeling your own map is a great learning experience, but it isn’t the only way to study political map boundaries and learn physical features. Below you will find lots of options so that your children can interact with maps! 


Geopuzzles are a perfect way to become familiar with continents and countries without tedious map labeling. We have the complete set, though we gathered them one at a time over a few years.

The Continent Puzzle Combo Pack is an inexpensive set that is portable as the puzzles are contained in frames, but the pieces are still the individual countries.

Hands-On Map Labelling

We have the US and World Pin-It-Map set. Both sets provide a hands-on way to label maps so kids can take a break from tedious labeling. I have written about these incredible hands-on maps in the past, and I know they will come in handy for years to come.

Learn how to use Pin It Maps for studying US History and Geography. Add some hands-on fun to your home, classroom, or homeschool.

Websites and Apps

GeoGuessr – You can read more about this game on Common Sense Media.

Seterra Online Games – You can find free online map quiz games.

Sheppard Software – play free online US and World Geography Games (and more).

Google Earth – explore the world from your computer or on an app.

Learn World Geography App – learn the world maps and capitals.

World Flags Jigsaw Puzzle App – Learn flags from different countries.


Professor Noggin Geography card games are a great way to master physical geography without formal tests and quizzes.

The Scrambled States of America game will help your kids become familiar with the location of the 50 states as well as the capitals and nicknames. Plus, it is fun! I shared this game on a Facebook Live video if you want to see how it works.

Ticket to Ride isn’t the most thorough geography game, but it is a fun way to learn a few important cities. You can find so many versions so I typically watch for a sale. Our family owns the US Version and I shared it on Facebook Live.


Brainbox Games – Test your knowledge of landmarks, world cultures, and physical geography.

Passport to Culture – So this one isn’t physical geography, but I am letting it sneak in here. In this game, you circle the globe while testing your knowledge of cultures. (ages 10+)

GeoBingo World – Be the first to get five countries in a row in a classic BINGO style with a Geography twist. This one is a great choice for co-op and group Geography parties.


What fun ways have you tackled Physical Geography with your kids?


Geography games for fun and learning!


Brave Writer Arrow and Boomerang Titles organized by Geographic Location.Join in our Facebook group as we Learn Around the World.


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  1. We LOVE GeoGuessr and Seterra. My husband has traveled the world more than we have and usually gets pretty close in GeoGuessr, to our chagrin. 🙂

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