How to Successfully Homeschool Pre-Algebra with Ease

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Not every homeschool parent remembers the correct order of operations, how to manipulate square roots, or how to solve compound inequalities yet once you begin to homeschool pre-alegbra, you have to find a way to help your children successfully learn mathematical topics you may have forgotten.

Homeschooling pre-algebra is often the first intimidating topic for many homeschool parents, especially those who hated math as a child.

But never fear, many parents have successfully navigated homeschooling pre-algebra and beyond by choosing the right programs and resources and finding the right support.

Yes! You can homeschool pre-algebra for your child.

{I was given access to Mr. D pre-algebra in exchange for this post. I was not required to write a positive review but we have heartedly recommended Mr. D for over three years so I was happy to write an honest review of pre-algebra.}

Successfully Homeschool Pre-Algebra

Homeschooling parents can successfully prepare their children for upper-level math at home. It might seem scary if you aren’t a fan of math, but you can find all of the resources and help that you need with online programs like Mr. D Math.

It’s also a great idea to be prepared for that age-old question, “When will I use this?” as your tween begins homeschooling pre-algebra. You’ll love this list of ways we use algebra in everyday life.

Is my Child Ready for Pre-Algebra?

Most children will encounter this moment sometime in middle school. It might happen as early as 6th grade or you child might need to wait until 8th grade. Either option is normal and completely acceptable.

Remember that Algebra I is a high school level course. Many students take it in 8th grade, but that doesn’t mean everyone is ready. Use your judgment to decide the best course of action for your child.

One easy way to know that your child is ready for pre-algebra is when it is the next course required in your math homeschool curriculum. When your child reaches pre-algebra in your current elementary math curriculum, it is a good time to step back and research the best options for pre-algebra and beyond. That is when my children switched to Mr. D math to save my sanity and we never looked back.

If you aren’t 100% sure if your child is ready, Mr D’s website states that the prerequisite for his Pre-Algebra course is “the completion of grade 5 math and a child who knows how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers.

In our house, my oldest two kids began pre-algebra in 8th grade while my younger two began pre-algebra about halfway through 6th grade. We selected a self-paced Mr. D pre-algebra class so that they could move at their own pace. This allows them to slow down if they need extra practice on a concept and it has worked well for us.

My son is using Mr. D math for his homeschool pre-algebra.

What’s Covered in a Homeschool Pre-Algebra Course?

The Mr. D Pre-Algebra course includes a solid review of basic concepts while introducing the foundation for algebraic thinking. The first chapter includes a review of all four operations and introduces math as a language. It’s a perfect place to begin and build the foundation for future chapters as well as future algebra word problems.

The entire course includes:

  1. The Tools and Language of Algebra
  2. Operations with Integers and the Real Number System
  3. Solving Equations
  4. Number Theory – Factors and Fractions
  5. Number Theory – Place Value and Decimals
  6. Ratio, Proportion, and Percent
  7. Inequalities
  8. Graphing Linear Equations
  9. Introduction to Functions and Relations
  10. Radical Expressions, Roots and Exponential Models
  11. Polynomials and Nonlinear Functions
  12. Statistics and Probability

This homeschool pre-algebra course builds on the concepts learned in the previous chapters, reinforcing algebraic thinking and skills as you move through the class.

How does a Mr. D Pre-Algebra Class Work?

Each lesson begins with an online video or live class where your child will receive instruction. As they listen, they begin completing the course work. The instructor teaches the lesson and walks the student through the necessary examples step by step.

After your child watches the video and completes the required course work, they should check their answers using the course work solutions.

One of my favorite things about Mr. D math is that his pre-algebra solutions are step-by-step solutions. This is a huge improvement over every other math curriculum we have tried. Upper-level math problems require multi-step solutions, yet solution manuals typically contain only the final answer. Nothing is more frustrating for a kid who is trying to check their work or a homeschool mom attempting to figure out where their child went wrong.

Mr. D math includes step by step solutions, which is important when you homeschool pre-algebra.

After the course work is corrected and your child feels confident, there is an online quiz available at the end of each subsection. The quizzes are automatically graded and students have the option to retake the quiz if they aren’t satisfied with their score.

Side note: If my children complete the pre-algebra coursework successfully, they often skip the quizzes. After all, the point is to understand the material so if we are certain that they do, then they move on.

Your child will also complete chapter test at the end of each unit and two semester exams.

If you want your child to complete pre-algebra at a typical school year pace, then your child should complete approximately 3 subtopics each week.

What are the Advantages of an Online Math Class?

As your child grows older and a bit more independent in their school work, an online class has advantages for both the homeschool parent and the homeschool child:

An Experienced Instructor. You get to bring an experienced math teacher into your home for math instruction!

Fosters Independence. This is important for your child and for you! With a Mr. D online class, your child can log into the virtual classroom to watch lectures and complete coursework.

Grades Completed for You. If you wish to use them, the Mr. D math courses provide the opportunity to enter classwork scores, short quizzes for each section (5 questions), chapter tests, and two semester exams. The final grade is calculated for you.

Class from the Comfort of Home. Pull up a chair, turn on the laptop, and attend your math class. Now more than ever, access to capable teachers from home is a valuable option!

>>> Check out the top five reasons we contine to use Mr. D Math year after year. <<<

Self-Paced Pre-Algebra or a Live Online Class?

Mr. D Math offers the options of self-paced courses or live, online classes.

The pre-algebra dashboard for Mr. D Math.

First, let me assure you that both the live and self-paced courses are great options. Both include access to the same pre-algebra lessons, thorough instruction, practice worksheets, quizzes, and exams.

The difference is that the self-paced course lessons are all pre-recorded and available immediately while the live course meets once a week for class, which is recorded for anyone who misses it. 

Thoughts on a live class: The live class option has a “classroom” feel because a live instructor is present to interact with the students, provide instruction on the week’s lessons, and answers questions. This option also provides accountability for families who need an external schedule to keep them moving forward. You’ll find options to complete pre-algebra in one semester or two semesters.

Thoughts on the self-paced course: The perfect time to choose a self-paced course is when your child’s availability doesn’t match the timing of the live classes. If your child is beginning pre-algebra partway through a year or you prefer a non-traditional school schedule, then self-paced will be perfect for you. In addition, this option allows your child to move at their own pace.

Our family uses the self-paced options for our year-long math classes and it works well. Either way, you can not go wrong.

Where can I find Homeschool Pre-Algebra Help?

Mr. D math provides support for students and parents:

Live Help Sessions. One of our favorite benefits of the Mr. D pre-algebra course is that students are invited to weekly online help sessions with a live math teacher. This is true for students in the live or self-paced pre-algebra courses.

Step-by-Step solutions. Make sure the solution guide for your math curriculum provides the step-by-step solutions and not simply a final answer. Mr. D pre-algebra solutions always contain the complete answer so I know I can count on them to help me out in a bind.

Other math help for pre-algebra (and beyond):

Purple Math. We love the extra practice and step by step teaching for various algebra topics on this site. It’s a great place for a parent to get a quick refresher.

You Got This. Yes, Even Pre-Algebra!

Don’t let math become a stumbling block on your homeschool journey. With Mr. D math, your child’s homeschooling journey will continue to be a successful one well into the upper-level math required for high school.

They will begin to learn the skills so they can use algebra in everyday life, which is the most important goal for most kids.

Check out the Mr. D Pre-Algebra course and successfully make it through this introductory math course with your child.

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