How to Create a Seriously Simple Bullet Journal

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Bullet Journaling.  It is all the rage in the world of women.  Everyone is trying it and I am no exception.

Bullet Journal pages appear so pretty and organized. It’s a brilliant concept. There is no question about that.

I became convinced that one little moleskin journal held the key to daily, weekly and monthly organization in my home.  I would just have to draw the pretty squares.

So I did what every modern day woman does first.  I created a Pinterest board dedicated to Bullet Journalling and I start pinning away!

After collecting plenty of ideas, I took the next step and I stopped simply pinning ideas.

I actually ordered a moleskin journal and grabbed my pretty pens and started designing.  (I know.  Crazy, right?  It is so much easier to just pin the ideas.)

Unfortunately, it only took a few days to realize that complicated designs, pages that require regular attention, and artsy fun drawings just weren’t going to work for this lady.  It was either time to toss the idea of bullet journaling or come up with a method that worked for me.

I finally came up with a Bullet Journal method that works for me. Click her to read how you can create a seriously simple bullet journal layout.

In the end, I came up with a super simple layout that I have been using for many months.  And I love it.

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Super Simple Bullet Journal: Weekly Layout

Step One: Purchase a Basic Journal

I like the moleskin brand journals.  They hold together well and have a few options.  You can go for blank pages, lined pages, or grid pages.  I prefer the soft cover, but you can find lots of designs in hardcover as well.

My preference is lined, but I am giving the grid ones some consideration for the future.

I use the 8.25 x 5 size and it works well for my weekly layout.

Step Two: Outline a Weekly Layout

Draw lines to create areas for the 7 days of your week. I prefer vertical lines for a vertical weekly layout.

My weekly plan begins on Monday. This makes the most sense to me. But if you like it with a different start to your week, then give it a try. You’ll find what makes the most sense for you.

This is a simple design for a basic weekly layout to keep yourself organized in a bullet journal.

Some people create a weekly spread on a 2-page layout, but later I will explain why I leave it on one page. I do have a plan for the back of the previous week.

Step Three: Fill in Weekly Commitments

I try to fill them in the approximate location that they occur on each day.  Morning appointments are written near the top of the box while evening commitments are written near the bottom.  I make sure to leave some room for each meal as well.

By now I can write in the reoccurring events without a glance at the calendar.  Outside classes.  Piano and art lessons.  Sports practices.  That sort of stuff remains pretty constant during each season.

A super simple bullet journal layout that works for me!

I like to use my pretty felt-tip pens for this section.  I color code things, though the code doesn’t remain constant from one week to the next.  I just use the first pen I grab as I fill in each of the commitments.

Notice, I do NOT use a ruler.  You are welcome to, but I need a layout that is super simple and a ruler isn’t super simple!  Sometimes I create the layout while sitting the car or at a child’s sports practice so a ruler isn’t practical.

Step Three: Assign meals for each day

I pencil in breakfast, lunch and dinner plans for each day. Using a pencil is important to me for this step as meal assignments often changes as the week progresses.

This has been a life-changing step for me because it forced me to plan our meals again. I love and hate this part.  I hate coming up with the meals, but I love it using it all week.

NOTE:  Sometimes I plan my meals on Friday night before grocery shopping and leae space to fill in weekly commitments when I have time over the weekend.  Do what works for you.

As I fill in the meals, I make a grocery list.  The grocery list is written in the Bullet Journal on a page above this weekly layout, which is the BACK of the previous week’s layout.

Super Simple Bullet Journal for Weekly Meal Planning

Make sense?

Above is a picture of the weekly layout on the bottom page.  Above the weekly plan, I write the grocery list and other items.

I often keep the bullet journal in my purse, so I have my grocery list with me whenever I head to the store.

Step Four: Fill in Important Items To Do This Week

If there are out of the ordinary type things I need to accomplish, I make a little “to-do” box for them on a specific day.  Admittedly, the boxes aren’t really necessary but I love to check them off when things are complete.

Sometimes I assign a grocery store day or a day to sit and pay my bills.

This month, December, I had gifts to buy for various coaches and gift exchanges so I assigned myself a shopping day and the gift lists were all in my brain dump section (see step 5).

Sometimes I have to make an important phone call or take care of a bill. If it is an important item to accomplish, then I put it right into the weekly layout.

Step Five: Create Random Lists as Needed

Throughout the week I use the top page (the back of last week’s layout) to write random “to-do’s” and things on my mind.  I call them my “brain dumps” because I literally dump the things in my brain onto the page.

Random Brain Dump section of my Bullet Journal.

My brain dumps might be blog posts that I want to write or things I need to pick up for book club.  Sometimes I have a list of gifts to buy or errands to run.  It doesn’t matter what it is on my mind, I write it in this section.

It’s messy and random, but it keeps all of my thoughts together for the week.

And that is it.  The next week I create the exact same page layout and fill it in again.

While I love to look at the pretty bullet journal ideas and on occasion I dream of making a fancier layout, this one is quick, easy to maintain and fully functional for my hectic life.

Have you tried Bullet Journalling?  What has worked for you?

Want a live tour of my Weekly Layout?  I set up a week in my journal while on Facebook Live and you can see the video tour on my page.

Have a post about your own bullet journaling?  Feel free to head to the video and leave a link in the comment section!

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  1. I had a similar reaction to bullet journals – too prettified and high maintenance for me. But like you I came up with my own take on it -

  2. Girl. You are right on track; we don’t need pretty and it should do some work for us. Can’t wait to catch the FB review!

  3. THIS is what I’ve been looking for. I love pretty, but I would spend all my time making it gorgeous & researching cool ideas and get absolutely NOTHING done. This is simple & easy & totally doable. Thanks!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! I ❤️ this!!!! This simple post has made planning/journal doable for me. Being a mama to four little ones I don’t have the time or energy to spend an hour setting up my week. I can’t thank you enough for simplying this for me?

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