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A Simple, Inexpensive Way to Encourage Moms on Mother’s Day

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Years ago, I began a mother’s day tradition of sending a mother’s day gift to friends that would encourage and support them.

It’s become one of my favorite mother’s day traditions. I absolutely love sitting down to write an encouraging note to people who have meant a lot to me during the year.

And in the days of emailing and texting, a handwritten note is a rare surprise and means a lot to people.

Read about a simple idea for mother's day gift for friends

A Mother’s Day Gift for Friends

My traditional Mother’s Day gift for friends began years ago when my former obsessive card mailing system got a little out of hand. You see, I had a monthly card planner that had pockets for each month. This meant I could purchase cards months ahead of time and pull them out at the right time to sign and send.

My Gema (grandmother) and I used to laugh about my organized mailing habits because she received her birthday card on October 29 even though I was in the hospital after having a baby on October 28. (I mailed it in the morning before I went into labor)

I think that was the final birthday card that I ever sent on time. Or at all. Ever again.

Motherhood completely disrupted my overly organized methods in all areas, including my ability to recognize special occasions.  I just couldn’t keep up with cards every month anymore.

But I missed sending cards to my friends and family!

I enjoy writing notes of encouragement to the people who are important to me so I became determined to find a solution to my disorganization.

Then it hit me…MOTHERS DAY!

Instead of keeping up with birthdays, anniversaries, and other events all year long, I could send letters to ALL of the people once a year.

Try this simple mother's day gift for friends.

Instead of remembering various dates throughout the year, I decided to focus on ONE holiday and recognize all of the wonderful women in my life, including my friends who are not moms.

Every year I purchase a ton of Mothers Day or Friendship cards and send them to various friends and family members.

One day a year. All the people.

Brilliant. And this plan has worked for over a decade now.

Mothers Day Gifts for Friends and Family

You’ll only need two supplies to encourage your friends:

Cards – I like to go to Dollar Tree where I can get 2 cards for $1. If you can’t find a great deal, buy a pretty pack of blank cards and simply write a note inside.

Stamps – Make sure to pick these up while you are out

Card Sending List

Here are some categories of people I consider as I make my card list:

Moms in my Family

Moms in my family.  I pick up a card for my Mom, Mother-in-Law, and Grandmom. Then I grab cards for my cousins and other family members who are mothers. It’s a perfect time to let them know how much I appreciate them.

Supportive Friends

Friends who have supported me during the year. Every year brings unique challenges in life and in motherhood. These cards remind me to take a moment to recognize how much I appreciate the women in my life who have supported me during the year. I love to include notes to remind them what amazing moms and friends they have been.

If the friend is a mom, I send a mother’s day card. If they aren’t then I purchase a friendship card.

Inspiring Women

Women who inspire, mentor, or support me even if we aren’t close friends. In the past, I have included fellow bloggers, mentors, and women at church. It’s been a nice way to thank the people that God has used in my life, including the women who stepped in briefly or in a simple, practical way.

Learn one simple gift to give as a mother's day gift for friends.

Brand New Moms

New moms are so much fun to surprise with a Mother’s Day card.  I love to recognize people in my life who had their first baby during the year, even if it is a more distant acquaintance.

Moms Who Need Encouragement

Sometimes I encounter a mom who has gone through a particularly rough time.  Mother’s Day is a great time to let her know that I have noticed her and I think she is great.

Friends Who Lost Their Mothers

Mothers Day can be a day of deep loss for friends who have lost their own moms.  A note inside their mom’s day card or a separate note is one way to remember with them.

Your Own Choices

There aren’t any specific “rules” to follow. You can include anyone.

You can even take this idea and adapt it for a gender-neutral holiday like Thanksgiving.

The date doesn’t matter as much as the words of support and encouragement. Let the recipient know how wonderful they are and what they have meant to you during the year.

Mother’s Day Gift for Friends

This simple tradition continues to provide a way for me to pause and thank the wonderful people God has placed in my life. Snail mail once a year is something I can manage.

And honestly, I look forward to this. As soon as mid-April hits, I make a list of all the people and start shopping for cards.

One of my favorite tips is to hit the Dollar Tree when you have to buy so many cards. You can get two of them for a dollar. It’s a great way to stock up.

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” I Thes. 5:11

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  1. Mary, I love this idea!! Reminds me of the post you shared on fb a while back about taking the time to do tangible things to let the people we care about know that we are thinking of them. I bet you’ve been a real blessing to tons of people over the years!

  2. This is lovely. Thank you for sharing it. It’s especially nice that it’s a way of doing something at a time of year that ISN’T insanely busy already.

    1. Oh – I write all sorts of things. I tell close friends how much I appreciate them and specific things I see in their lives and the ways they are great moms. I congratulate new moms and give them some encouragement. For those who have lost moms, I Acknowledge the difficulty of the day – and the bittersweetness if they have their own kids. I have even sent cards to social media folks who have inspired me and thanked them. Hope that helps! -Mary

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