Play Everyday in May

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May is here and I am ready to play!

Okay, let’s be honest, I am ready to play games on any given day, but during this month our formal schooling begins to slow down, and we have more free time for unstructured play and learning.

Come play everyday in May with me - games for every subject!

My friend, Lynna, and I thought that May might be the perfect time to teach you how to play a few of our favorite games. We both agree that seeing how to play a game is a useful tool when trying to decide about a purchase for your family.

Play Games: Follow Along

Be sure you are following both NotBefore7 and Homeschooling without Training Wheels on Facebook. We will demonstrate a different game each day and you can catch them live or watch a replay. Once the videos are complete, I will post a direct link to the video on the schedule at the bottom of this post.

Play Games: The “Play Everyday” Plan

Each day during the month of May, one of us will hop on Facebook Live to share one of our favorite family games. We’ll give you an overview of the game and share why we enjoy it.

Below is our basic plan for sharing during the month. We’ll alternate days Monday-Saturday and if one of us is up for it, you’ll see a bonus game on Sunday.

We aren’t committing to a particular time of day because as moms, we know that life brings surprises and consistent timing for a full month would be basically impossible. I’ll link to each video here as they finish so you can go check them out if you missed them on facebook.

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Week 1: Language Arts/Word Play

Week 2: Math and Logic

Week 3: Science/Social Studies/Geography

Week 4: Just for Fun!

The bonus days at the end of May:

We hope you can join us and chime in on our facebook pages with your favorite games as well!

Let’s do this, guys. Let’s play Everyday in May!

For more ideas, follow my Game Play Learning Pinterest Board or follow all of my boards.


I'll be playing games everyday in May! Come learn new games for fun and for learning.

Ten games that make learning fun for all ages. Here are the best board games for the whole family to enjoy together!

Favorite Family Card Games


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  1. What an absolutely awesome idea! I love to play, too:) Can’t wait to learn more about these games. I see some favorites & a bunch of new ones that I’m itching to find out about!

  2. I am so glad you put this together! I was unable to watch every day in May, so I’m glad I have a page to visit and catch up! Great ideas. This is something I need to incorporate more into our homeschool days! Thank You to you and Lynna!!

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