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35 Christmas Chapter Books Your Kids Will Love

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There’s something a bit magical about Christmas chapter books because these are often the books that the whole family can enjoy together.

Each year, I like to choose at least one Christmas chapter book to read in December with my kids. (or listen to!)

Just add cocoa, and you have a great way to make some warm, Christmas memories.

Find a list of the best christmas chapter books that your kids will enjoy this holiday season.

Reading As Part Of Your Christmas Celebrations

There are lots of ways to make reading a part of Christmas.

You can absolutely wrap Christmas picture books and put them under the tree, or open them as part of your Advent celebration.

Maybe your family even celebrates Jolabokflod, reading books on Christmas Eve.

But I’m here to tell you, that you can also just choose a chapter book or two to read aloud or listen to together.

So don’t feel intimidated by this list, just pick a few that may appeal to your family, and dive in.

Favorite Christmas Chapter Books For Kids

Below are some favorite Christmas chapter books, new and old, to read with your kids this year.

Most of these are fun, a few are sentimental, and there are even a few classics.

But pick books that you think you AND your kids will enjoy.

Also, most of these are great on audio – perfect for listening to during shopping trips or on the way to Grandma’s house. And YES – audiobooks absolutely count!

Juniper's Christmas is a great option as a chapter book for tweens.

Juniper’s Christmas

By: Eoin Colfer 

Juniper’s Christmas is a brand new book for 2023, but I think it’s destined to be a favorite.

Eleven-year-old Juniper is about to have a very magical Christmas when she meets a man who might be Santa. Throw in a reindeer and crime boss, and a neighbor who has always believed in Santa, plus Eoin Colfer’s signature pacing (you might know him best as the author of the Artemis Fowl series) and lovely illustrations – this one is a winner.

My Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever 

Barbara Robinson

The Best christmas Pageant Ever

This one is definitely a classic that makes me laugh out loud. It’s also great on audio.

The Herdman kids are the absolute worst, but even rotten kids like snacks. So when the six Herdman kids show up for free food, they end up taking over the Christmas pageant – and learning the true meaning of Christmas.

My Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens

This classic Christmas tale has been enjoyed for decades. Join Scrooge as his former co-worker, Marley, and the Ghosts of Christmas past teach him a lesson about the true meaning of the season.

And yes, this is a great one to read aloud to your tweens and teens. You don’t have to be intimidated by Dickens! I have a whole post about How to Have Fun While Reading a Christmas Carol with Kids

I promise you can handle this classic, and maybe even turn your reading experience into a party using this book club party guide.

(P.S. This graphic novel version is great too. And there are lots of movie versions to watch after you read. You can also check out our favorite audio version.)

My Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

The Night I Met Father Christmas 

Ben Miller

How did Father Christmas become Father Christmas? Jackson is about to find out in this heartwarming tale, packed with gorgeous illustrations and a little mischief.

Diary of a Christmas Elf

Diary of a Christmas Elf

Ben Miller

Diary of a Christmas Elf is the first book in the Christmas Elf Chronicles series, by Ben Miller, who also wrote The Night I Met Father Christmas.

All Tog wants is to learn to make toys, but when he finally becomes an apprentice elf, it’s not as much fun as he imagined. And now, someone is stealing Christmas toys, and Tog is the No. 1 suspect!

a boy called christmas

A Boy Called Christmas 

Matt Haig

Author Matt Haig has been called “the King of Empathy,” and it shines through in this book about an 11-year-old boy nicknamed “Christmas,” who heads to the North Pole to search for his missing father. 

This one is now a Netflix movie starring Maggie Smith!

My Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

the girl who saved christmas

The Girl Who Saved Christmas 

Matt Haig

In this sequel to, “A Boy Called Christmas,” by Matt Haig, we are introduced to the first girl to ever get a Christmas present. 

Amelia’s spirit is what fueled Santa to be able to make it around the world. But now Amelia’s mother is sick, and her spirits are too low for Christmas to happen. It will take a Christmas cat, a reindeer, and Charles Dickens to find Amelia and hopefully save Christmas.

father christmas and me

Father Christmas and Me 

Matt Haig

In the third book in Matt Haig’s Christmas book series, Amelia is back.

I won’t share too much about this one, because it will give away what happens in The Girl Who Saved Christmas, but Father Christmas and Me is also filled with magic and fun, plus another battle to save Christmas.

the christmas pig

The Christmas Pig 

J. K. Rowling

We know that Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling is a great storyteller, and this Christmas tale holds up. 

Jack loves his toy pig DP, but when DP goes missing, Christmas magic brings a new toy to life ready to help him save his best friend.

miracles on maple hill

Miracles on Maple Hill

Virginia Sorensen

This is a classic, first published in 1956, and a Newbery award-winner. 

Miracles on Maple Hill is a bit more sentimental and tells the story of a wounded father returning home from war. But it’s stood the test of time, and the audio version is well done, featuring a full cast.

how winston delivered christmas

How Winston Delivered Christmas

Alex T. Smith

When Winston the Mouse finds a lost letter meant for Santa, he begins a journey in 24 chapters. This one is best started on Dec. 1 and read one chapter a day. Plus, each chapter includes an Advent activity.

This list of books includes 35 christmas chapter books for kids

top elf

Top Elf

Caleb Zane Huett

Santa is stepping down. But not to worry, he’s not just letting his son Klaus Claus take over.

Instead, he’s started a contest open to any kid who wants to apply, including elves! Who can tame the reindeer, eat the most cookies, and win that red suit?

the lotterys more or less

The Lotterys More or Less

Emma Donoghue

A follow-up to The Lotterys Plus One, The Lottery’s More or Less is set in winter, with 9-year-old Sumac trying to keep the family’s four parents, seven siblings, five pets and one grandfather celebrating all the traditions, from Pow Wow to Holi to Hogmanay.

the naughty list

The Naughty List

Michael Fry and Bradley Jackson

Bobbie is trying to save her brother’s Christmas, but it all backfires and he ends up on Santa’s naughty list. 

This is another great North Pole adventure, featuring funny illustrations. Perfect for your Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans!

the family under the bridge

The Family Under the Bridge

Natalie Savage Carlson

This is another Newbery Award winner which features illustrations by Garth Williams (illustrator of the Little House Series and Charlotte’s Web).

Armand lives in Paris and enjoys his simple life. But when he discovers three hungry and cold children at his usual spot under the bridge, he decides he must find them a proper home.

My Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

the christmas carrolls

The Christmas Carrolls

Mel Taylor-Bessent

The Carrolls Family LOVES Christmas, so much so that this book kicks off a series of three Christmas Carrolls books.

If you’re looking for an inclusive Christmas series – give the first book a try. Fun and a little silly – a Christmas carol-singing toilet! – the Carrolls just want to spread Christmas cheer.

magic in the mountains

Magic in the Mountains:
A Christmas Adventure

T. E. Milburn

Santa has sent out a desperate message. The North Pole is under attack, and so is Christmas.

Two brothers have the key to rescue Santa and save Christmas. But it isn’t going to be easy …

the pug who wanted to be a reindeer

The Pug Who Wanted to Be a Reindeer

Bella Swift

This is part of the series of 12 Pug Who Wanted to Be books.

Peggy the pug’s family is not getting along this season. If only she could turn into a reindeer and bring them some Christmas spirit. But maybe she needs help from Santa …

nate the great and the Crunchy Christas

Nate the Great and the Crunchy Christmas

Marjorie Weinman Sharmat and Craig Sharmat

Nate the Great fans will rejoice – Nate is back and solving a Christmas mystery with his trusty pup sidekick, Sludge.

little house in the big woods

Little House in the Big Woods

Laura Ingalls Wilder

This first book in the Little House series includes the Ingalls Family celebrating Christmas.

Cherry Jones expertly narrates the audio version.

Plus, there are lots of Little House Christmas books if this one captures your family, including a picture book, A Little House Christmas Treasury, and The Little House Cookbook.

My Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

true gift

The True Gift

Patricia MacLachlan

From Patricia MacLachlan, the beloved, Newbery-award winning author of the Sarah, Plain and Tall series, Lily and Liam love traveling to visit their grandparents for Christmas, but when they find an abandoned cow, compassion becomes contagious and their whole town is swept up in the spirit of Christmas.

This one is a great quick win! 

Christmas book for kids: Nancy and Plum

Nancy and Plum

Betty MacDonald

Two orphaned sisters face another lonely Christmas at Mrs. Monday’s boarding school. But if all goes well, this will be their last Christmas with the mean Mrs. Monday.

Originally published in 1952, this newest edition features illustrations by Mary Grand Pré, who illustrated the original Harry Potter covers.

tumtum and nutmeg

Tumtum and Nutmeg’s
Christmas Adventure

Emily Bearn

This one is out of print, so check your library or used book store or grab the audio. It’s worth it. Part of the charming Tumtum and Nutmeg series, Tumtum and Nutmeg, the mice of Rose Cottage, have big plans to save the Mildew kids’ Christmas. 

This book even has sweet recipes to make this holiday season.

the last holiday concert

The Last Holiday Concert

Andrew Clements

If your kids are Frindle or Lunch Money fans, they’ll enjoy this Christmas-themed book by Andrew Clements.

Hart Evans is popular, even with the teachers at his school. But when he interrupts choir practice, the director leaves and the kids vote to put Hart in charge of the holiday concert.

the twenty-for days before christmas

The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas

Madeleine L’Engle

This is another sentimental pick. Published in 1987, Madeleine L’Engle, best known for the Wrinkle in Time books, penned this short chapter book about the Austin family and the days leading up until Christmas.

Will Mother have to miss Christmas to have the new baby?

the vanderbeekers of 141st street

The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street

Karina Yan Glaser

The Vanderbeeker books are quickly becoming huge favorites in the literary world, and this is the book that kicked off the series.

Can the five Vanderbeeker siblings save the brownstone they love? They’ve lived there so long, it feels like a family member. They just have to convince their grumpy landlord to renew their lease.



Michelle Houts

Inspired by Danish folklore, this holiday fantasy pulls in the natural world on a miniature scale – acorn cups! – but is also a gentle tale about responsibility. 

It’s as warm and comforting as a bowl of rice pudding.

the very, merry murder club

The Very Merry Murder Club

Serena Patel & Robin Stevens

The Very Merry Murder Club is actually a collection of 13 mystery stories, written by diverse authors.

It’s not a traditional chapter book, but your mystery fans 8-12 will love this anthology of whodunnits.



Ben Guterson

An Edgar Award Finalist and An Agatha Award Finalist, Winterhouse kicks off a three-book series of mysteries.

Elizabeth is spending Christmas break at the spooky yet charming Winterhouse Hotel and is delighted by the massive library. But a magical book of puzzles is about to lead Elizabeth to a family connection, and a curse.

the yule tomte and the little rabbits

The Yule Tomte and the Little Rabbits

Ulf Stark

An advent story made up of short chapters, The Yule Tomte and The Little Rabbits is perfect for younger kids and Jan Brett fans.



Susan Adrian

Georgie’s dream is coming true! She is going to dance the part of Clara in The Nutcracker.

But whenever Georgie dances with the Nutcracker doll, she falls into the world of The Nutcracker. And now, that world is seeping into her regular life causing chaos.

christmas in camelot

Christmas in Camelot

Mary Pope Osborne

Of course, there’s a Christmas Magic Tree House book! Inspired by the Celtic legend, siblings Jack and Annie are traveling to Camelot in this first installment of the Merlin Missions series (slightly more challenging reading than the original Magic Tree House books.)

8-bit christmas

8-Bit Christmas

Kevin Jakubowski

Warning: There is some language in this one, so be sure to preview it. But, 8-Bit Christmas is packed with 80s nostalgia and laugh-out-loud moments.

deck the halls- we_re off the walls

Deck the Halls, We’re Off the Walls

Dan Gutman

The My Weird School series has a Christmas tale. Santa is coming to town, but so is kid rapper Cray-Z.

This is a funny quick read, especially for fans of the series.

miracle on ebenezer street

The Miracle on Ebenezer Street

Catherine Doyle

The name of this one gives it away! This modern twist on A Christmas Carol has been called “an instant classic.”

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