Our Morning Basket: Geography Books for Kids

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As we kick off our Geography studies this year, I have started gathering book titles for our Morning Basket. We will read some sort of Geography book daily because this year we are focusing on World Geography and World Cultures.

Some days we will learn from informational text and other days we will enjoy a story. It might depend on the plan, but it usually depends on my mood.

Either way, I’ve gathered a lot of options. I like options.

Books to read during your Homeschool Morning Basket Time that accomplish your Geography goals.

Below are some of the titles I will read while we study Geography concepts and learn about specific cultures from around the world.

Please remember that you are the one who knows your homeschool goals, your children, and your routines the best! Use discretion when selecting a title for your Morning Basket or learning time.

Geography Spines

These books can act as spines (the non-fiction main texts) for a Geography unit. They include information about a variety of topics, individual continents, and specific countries. Families can read a little each week during morning time to learn about specific topics.

The Kingfisher Geography Encyclopedia – This one is a solid “textbook” of information. It includes a page or two of information on every country in the world as well as general information about map-making and natural phenomenon. We’ll start with some of the general information and then use this as a source to read facts about specific countries.

A Child’s Introduction to Geography – I plan to read this entire book to the kids by reading 1 topic at a time. We’ll begin with the general geography topics and then move to specific continents. {{See my Facebook Live video previewing this book.}}

Australia to Zimbabwe – This book will dictate some of the countries that we will focus on this year. I love the poems and facts about the countries that are included. We can read the information about countries during our Morning Basket Time. {{See my Facebook Live video previewing this book.}}

Lifestyles Around The World

Below are books to include in a Morning Basket to read throughout the year. These books can be used to introduce your kids to cultures and lifestyles in other countries.

Material World: A Global Family Portrait. Powerful images of families from 30 nations around the world. See them outside their home with all of their possessions and learn about their daily life.

What the World Eats. A photographic look at what families typically eat in one week around the world. The book includes a few pages for each country featured. It is very easy to look up a specific country. We felt the US family represented our household somewhat. We eat a lot more produce though.

If you Lived Here: Houses Around the World. This book was part of our first Morning Basket and we read 1-2 houses a day. We enjoyed imagining our life in a different type of house.


Kids Around the World

The books by DK publishers are perfect for your Morning Basket. You can read about children who live on the continent you are studying. Read about their daily lives, holidays, education, and food! I will probably read about 1 child each day from a variety of these titles.

Children Just Like Me. Meet children from around the Globe and learn about their daily life. (I definitely prefer the updated version.)

Children Just Like Me: Celebrations. This book focuses on celebrations around the world.

Children Just Like Me: A School Like Mine. What is a day at school like around the world? This book attempts to answer that question.

Children Just Like Me: Food Just Like Mine. This one includes recipes to make as you learn what children around the world eat.

Children Just Like Me: Our Favorite Stories. Story telling is part of every culture. Read the stories important to different children around the globe. Ten children and a story from their country are featured in this one.

General Geography Fact Books

My Weird School Fast Facts: Geography. This chapter book is full of facts that can be read a few at a time. I plan to kick off each day with a few weird Geography facts. I can even do this one at lunch or dinner time.

Where on Earth? Geography as You’ve Never Seen It Before. This book is fascinating. You can look up a topic in history, culture, technology, people, animals, and more. The topic is presented through a map with the information. For example, look up car racing and see where in the world races are held with outlines of the tracks. I am not sure how I’ll use this one in our basket yet, but I may choose a month to share a few pages each day.

Extreme Planet: First Facts Books. These simple, easy to read books will introduce you to the highest, coldest, and hottest places on earth. We will probably one of these each week for our first month. There are only three of them: highest, hottest, coldest.


Becoming Global Citizens

The CitizenKid books contain information and stories that introduce kids to other cultures and countries while inspiring them to become informed and involved global citizens. These books work well to provide discussion topics throughout the year when we read one in our Morning Basket Time.

This Child, Every Child: A Book About the World’s Children. This book explains several of the articles released by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The writing on each page explains facts about children’s health, education, work and more. The article related to the facts is stated at the bottom.

If the World Were a Village. This book is a fantastic read. The entire world is reduced to 100 people and facts are shared based on population percentages. For example, of the 100 people, 21 speak a Chinese dialect and only 9 speak English

One Well: The Story of Water on Earth. Learn the story of water and how the world is connected through water. This book contains interesting facts for kids while communicating the importance of water.

Tree of Life: The Incredible Biodiversity of Life on Earth. If each species on our planet was represented by a leaf, then the Tree of Life would include 1,750,000 leaves (*best estimate) and humans would only be one of those leaves. Climb the tree and learn about the Five Kingdoms represented by species all around the world.

The Banana-Leaf Ball. Read about the plight of refugees around the world and how organizations have been inspired to use play as inspiration for change.

The Red Bicycle. Follow the journey of a red bicycle in this non-fiction story. The bicycle begins its journey with an owner in North America. The journey continues in Africa when the first owner decides to donate his bike. Learn the impact one bicycle can have on a community and the positive change that one choice can make.

Join me this year as we Learn Around the World. We’ll read books, play games, eat food, and share ideas in my Learn Around the World Facebook group.

You can find more ideas for your Geography studies and for your Morning Basket on my Pinterest boards.

If Morning Basket time is a new idea, check out Pam Barnhill’s Morning Basket resources!

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Books to read during your Homeschool Morning Basket Time that accomplish your Geography goals.


Check out what was in our Homeschool Morning Basket for literature this October. Around the World Stories will be part of our adventures and studies as we learn about people and cultures around the world.


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  1. I just wanted to say thank you, Mary, for all of your hard work. I’ve been easing into a Morning Basket routine with my 2nd Grader and you’ve made it SO MUCH EASIER!!! It is funny how simple can sometimes feel more overwhelming…(?).

    Again, thank you. I am looking forward to our trip around the world!

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