Five Reasons we Love Mr D Math for Homeschooling

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Last year we made the switch to Mr. D Math for homeschooling. I began using Mr. D for all of my children in pre-algebra and beyond. Even though I was a math teacher, I could not keep up with teaching upper-level math to three students.

Mr. D math literally saved my sanity last year.

Because of Mr. D math for homeschooling, Tricia made it through pre-algebra, Kayleigh made it through geometry, and David is still halfway through pre-algebra. (David will continue this year.)

Without a doubt, we will be sticking with Mr. D Math this year and I have five good reasons why it’s a great fit in our home.

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Five Reasons We Love Mr. D Math for Homeschooling

Mr. D Math has been a great fit for our homeschooling family. The self-paced classes are our preference because of our busy lifestyles, but the live classes are an excellent option as well. Many friends who take live classes have reported how much their kids enjoy them.

Honestly, I could list so many fantastic reasons we love Mr. D Math for homeschooling, but I’ll start with my top five reasons.

Self-Paced Options

I know a lot of homeschool families like the accountability and consistency of Mr. D’s live online math courses but the self-paced options work best in our home.

We are pretty consistent with math so the accountability of a regular class hasn’t been necessary for our home. Instead, we enjoy the freedom and flexibility of accessing our math classes at any time of day or twice in a day if we are moving more quickly.

I have heard nothing but great feedback about live courses with Mr. D, so if that option works well for your family then I know you won’t be disappointed.

Live Help Sessions

That’s right.

An invitation to a live math help session appears in my inbox (and my children’s inboxes) every week.

Because I was a middle school math teacher, my kids haven’t had to take advantage of this option, but I think it is fantastic and worth including on this list.

Even as self-paced students, they have access to live help if they have questions.

Ample Assessment Opportunities

Mr. D Math for homeschooling makes grades and assessments easy! There is plenty of assessment available for your child throughout their Mr. D Math class. Assessments are graded online and scores are recorded to calculate a final grade.

A quick assessment is available at the end of every math section. These short, five-question quizzes are a perfect way to assess your child’s understanding of a specific concept within a chapter.

At the end of each chapter, a chapter test is provided to assess all of the skills taught in that chapter.

Finally, Mr. D math for homeschooling families provides both semester one and semester two exams. These tests will assess cumulative knowledge over the course of the semester.

As a homeschool family, you can choose which assessment options work for your family. Our family doesn’t complete all of the 5 question quizzes, but my kids do complete the end-of-chapter and semester exams.

Mr D Math Solutions are Complete Answers

No one wants to look at an answer key and simply see the final answer, but that is often what you receive with math curriculums. Parents and students are left wondering how on earth someone arrived at the solution because they came up with a completely different answer.

Not so with Mr. D!

The solutions included with Mr. D’s courses are step by step solutions so your child can easily discover where they went wrong during problem-solving.

*Breath a deep sigh of relief.

Solid Math Teaching

The excellent content and method of the Mr. D math courses are the most important reason that we are sticking with Mr. D math. As a former math teacher, I have had a very hard time finding a math program that met my teaching expectations and worked for my kids.

Last year with Mr. D math was the first time that a math program met my expectations and worked well for my kids.

Mr. D teaches math in a way that makes sense, beginning with introducing math as a language in pre-algebra. Along the way, my kids have been exposed to logic problems, used spreadsheets to solve problems, and learned geometry skills to shoot pool.

Check out Mr D Math for homeschooling and conquer upper level math with your kids.

Note: I was fascinated by the application of geometry to the game of pool and playing mini-golf.

Honestly, I wish all of my kids had started with Mr. D in pre-algebra but we hadn’t heard about his program at that time. And while I wish they had started earlier, my 10th grader was able to jump in with Geometry and experience success.

I highly recommend checking out Mr. D Math for homeschooling math courses or SAT/ACT preparation.


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  1. Thanks Mary. We are trying MrD Math for the first time this Sept! I can’t wait. We have been successful with Singapore/Calvert and Saxon Maths over the years, but looking for something more FUN and math-interesting!
    I appreciate your review and recommendations.

  2. Hi Mary! I’m starting to consider what to use with my children after Singapore and Mr. D math sounds like it could be a good fit. What level in Singapore do your children complete before going on to Pre-Algebra? 5B or 6B? Thanks so much. I’ve read in several places that 5B was sufficient before transitioning to Saxon PreAlgebra.

      1. Thanks so much! Always good to hear from someone who’s walked the road before us!

  3. My child, who really hates math, actually enjoyed math with Mr D’s summer readiness with Mr H as her teacher. We’ll be continuing with Mr D’s math in the fall for both her and her younger brother (Alg 1 and Pre-Algebra). We’ve enjoyed the weekly online class and the accountability it provides so far but may look into the self-paced if a child wants to work faster in the future. It’s been wonderful and the teachers have made math enjoyable for both kids (they both took readiness classes this summer).

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