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My oldest is a junior this year, so SAT prep is on the agenda. And I have to admit that I know very little about the current SAT or what she need to review to increase her score. 

But I know that colleges like this number and I want to prepare her so she can do her best.

The SAT math section is her weaker subject area, so I wanted to start there. She needed an organized way to review the SAT math basics as well as some of the higher level concepts. Although I was a math teacher, my expertise ends with Algebra I and some basic Geometry, so I knew we would require outside help. 

I turned to our favorite online math teacher for the last several years: Mr. D. The variety of courses on his site include SAT math prep and I knew he could get her ready for testing day.

I was given free access to the SAT Bootcamp and paid for my time. I was asked to share my honest opinions and not required to write a positive review. After two solid years with Mr. D Math, I was happy to do this. Read my full disclosure.

SAT Math Prep with Mr. D Math

Our family has used Mr. D Math for several years and I know we’ll continue with Mr. D for many years to come. His math lessons are clear, detailed, and easy to follow and the SAT Bootcamp was no exception.

Let me start by telling you a little bit about Mr. D:

Mr. D math was created by Dennis DiNoia, a former publich school educator. He holds an M.A. in Education from the University of South Florida and has been a Florida State Certified Secondary Mathematics Teacher since 1988.

Ten years ago, Mr. D left the public school system to develop an online curriculum for all levels of high-school math. His unique and effective approach allows students to understand math as a language, and he infuses problem-solving skills that transfer to everyday life.

Our family has relied on Mr. D math for almost two years now and I am confident you will appreciate his approach as well.

The Basics

Mr. D’s SAT Math Bootcamp is offered as a live or self-paced course. Both options include access to a online classroom portal with everything you need to successfully prepare for the SAT:

  • Bootcamp Class Session Recordings – these are either pre-recorded for the self-paced course or recordings from the live class for students who missed it live.
  • SAT video library
  • SAT, ACT, and PERT practice tests
  • Practice Tests for the new SAT – links to the online practice SAT tests and their answer explanations
  • Mr. D Supplemental Videos for the new SAT – video help on topics such as slope, pythagorean theorem, systems of equations, and sequences.
  • Mr. D Supplemental Videos for the ACT
  • Prior SAT and ACT bootcamp recordings – access to the recordings from a few prior sessions of SAT bootcamp
  • EOC course practice – End of Course Exams given in public school. Practice is included for Alg 1, Geometry, and Alg 2.
  • Mind Benders – Deductive Thinking
  • Math Games for Student Practice – links to math games online for skill practice
  • Writing Tips and Samples for the SAT – in case you want to brush up on writing 

Everything you and your student need to prepare for the SAT can be found in the portal. 

We spent the majority of our time watching the Class Recordings and the supplemental videos. These two areas included plenty of content to keep us busy practicing.

Live or Self-Paced?

When you register for a Mr. D course you have the option to attend a live class with a regular meeting time each week or a self-paced course. 

First, let me assure you that both the live and self-paced courses are great options. Both include access to the same portal of information listed above. The difference is that the self-paced course lessons are all pre-recorded and available immediately while the live course meets once a week for class, which is recorded for anyone who misses it. 

Thoughts on a live class: The live option had a nice “classroom” feel because the instructor interacted with the attendes as he/she taught. The instructor asked a question and then waited for responses from the students. I appreciated the interaction of classroom. It made the course more fun for us. I was also impressed that only the teacher could see the students’ responses so there was no potential for embarrassment about a wrong answer. In addition, the live class assigned weekly homework, which was not part of the self-paced course.

Thoughts on the self-paced course: The perfect time to choose a self-paced course is when your student’s availability doesn’t match the timing of the live classes. Maybe your student is ready to cram a 6 week SAT boot camp into the three weeks. Maybe you need to spread the lessons out over a longer period of time and wouldn’t receive the benefits of the live classroom meeting time. Either situation makes the self-paced option a good one. Our family uses the self-paced options for our year long math classes and it works well.

Either way, you can not go wrong. Your stduent will have everything they need to improve their SAT math score and prepare for a successful testing day.

The Lessons

In each lesson, Mr. D guides students through the math portion of a practice SAT test. He explains the best way to solve each type of problem, providing valuable problem-solving tips and math concept review along the way.

Mr. D’s explanations are clear and easy to follow step-by-step solutions. He takes time to explain the language of the SAT test in addition to the mathematical understanding needed to solve the problem.

For homework, Mr. D encourages the students to teach someone else how to solve the problems they learned because this will cement their understanding. In addition, students are expected to spend time reviewing the supplementary videos, either in the order they are suggested or at their own pace.

Our Experience

Kayleigh took a practice test last weekend and her math score significantly increased from her last test. I know this is a result of both Mr. D’s Alg 2 class and his SAT bootcamp. 

I can tell she feels more confident about her ability to solve the math problems she will face on the test. This is a huge part of conquering the SAT, in addition to learning the math concepts.

I attended several of the classes with her and was impressed by Mr. D’s approach. I will be more confident working with her (and my other kids in the future) as they review of the SAT math test.

I highly recommend Mr. D’s SAT math prep course for anyone who wants to gain confidence to take the SAT math test, improve their SAT math score, and review the necessary math concepts for SAT math success.

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Mr. D’s SAT Prep courses will equip your child with the confidence and math skills required to improve their SAT math scores at testing time.

There are live classroom options available throughout the year and the self-paced option is always readily available.

Check out Mr. D’s SAT Prep Courses today!


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