Create your own 4th of July shirt

A post from 2008, but worth recycling here.

We decided to make our own Fourth of July T-shirts this year!

We modified a simple idea and with a little help, the girls (ages 5 and 3) were able to make their own shirts.

Make your own Fourth of July shirt!

Fourth of July Shirt: Materials

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To make this shirt, you will need:

  • plain white shirts
  • masking tape – we used painters tape but that is because we had some.
  • sponges – kitchen sponges will do just fine
  • star stickers
  • cardboard
  • fabric paint in blue and red
  • smocks if you have little ones

Fourth of July Shirt: The How-To

First, create a stripe design on your shirt. The shirt makes use of negative space, so the idea is to put the masking tape on the shirt where you want the WHITE stripes to be located. (red sponge paint will be used on the white shirt area)

I recommend doing this the night before if you have little ones. We designed the girls shirts on the diagonal and the boys shirts with horizontal stripes.

Round up the kiddos to get started and put them in dad’s old shirts to protect their clothing. It is my assumption that fabric paint WONT come out of clothing. After all, that is the point…

Time to put on the star stickers. The kids will love this part.

If you are type A mommy, close your eyes and shut your mouth. The kids will NOT put on the stars in a neatly spaced arrangement. There will be about 100 stars in one square inch of the shirt with a few other scattered around.

Deep breath. It is OK. It’s gonna look great. Let them go at it.

And not that I would know, but if the sight of the unevenly spaced stars is causing you to gasp for air, then quickly get your shirt and your husband’s shirt and begin to design them to reflect your Type A tendencies. I am “told” that it might help distract you from “fixing” theirs.

Before you break out the sponges and the red paint, slide some cardboard in the shirt. This will protect the back of the shirt.

Then proceed to sponge the red paint all over the section of the T-shirt with the stripes taped to it. Younger kids will need help.

Then sponge paint the blue paint all over the star area.

Let the shirts dry a bit…

Then it is time to remove the stickers and the masking tape!

Viola! The girl’s diagonal shirt design is on the left, while my husband’s is on the right. I liked having different “finishes” on the shirts.

Note: The blue paint I bought was runny and got under the stickers, so they aren’t all white. They are a faded light blue. Be sure to buy the right type of fabric paint.

Let them dry overnight and enjoy your matching shirts for July 4th!


Make your Own Fourth of July Shirt.


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