9 Elementary Homeschool Resources that will Rock Your Year

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I’ve been homeschooling for over a decade and I definitely miss the days of homeschooling elementary school kids. There are so many incredible elementary homeschool resources available for families.

I often scroll through Instagram and see moms and children learning with such delightful curriculums. It makes me wish some of these fantastic elementary homeschool resources existed when my children were younger.

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8 Rocking Homeschool Elementary School Resources

As I scroll through social media, I see so many elementary homeschool parents using incredible materials, unit studies, and resources that just weren’t available when I was homeschooling.

I just know that these resources would have added a ton of fun and learning to our elementary homeschool days. They are the type of ideas that make me want to go back and homeschool little ones again.

And while I can’t go back, I thought I’d share these resources so you can rock your elementary homeschool years with delightful fun!

Elementary Homeschool Resources

In no particular order, these are the resources that make me want to homeschool elementary schoolers again!

1. Waldock’s Wizards and Wands from The Waldock Way

Reading the Harry Potter series with my kids remains one of my most fond family read-aloud memories. I only wish I had Waldock’s Wizards and Wands to turn our reading fun into so much more. The curriculum includes courses such as Alchemy, Astronomy, Charms, Enchantments, Herbology, Incantations, Magical Creatures, Muggle Studies, Potions, and Spells.

It’s so easy to imagine all of the fun we would have had!

In addition to Waldock’s Wizards and Wands, you can find so many other fun homeschooling unit study options at The Waldock Way:

Traveling the Parks (US National Parks)
Passport to Adventures (traveling the world)
Traveling the States

There are so many great options that I can not stand it!

2. Learning Through Literature

These literature guides include everything you need to bring a story to life with your kids. In every 4-week guide, you’ll find learning ideas, meaningful discussion questions, activities & projects, related books, and ideas for a story celebration!

There are so many great titles to choose from that it’s easy to find a good read-aloud for your family. One of my personal favorite books that I read with my daughter was Esperanza Rising by Pam Muñoz Ryan, so that might be a great place to start if you have older elementary schoolers.

3. Soul Sparklettes Art

This fantastic and creative art website includes a ton of fun ideas and plenty of art instruction. You can find free art lessons in addition to the Glitterbomb membership option.

There are such a fun variety of art projects that I want to grab the markers, glue, and glitter and get started!

4. Heritage Packs from Heritage Mom

The Heritage Packs are exactly the way I loved to teach my kids. Amber Johnson, Heritage Mom, is a modern fan of Charlotte Mason, a teaching philosophy that captured my own heart early on.

I have always worked to make sure that our homeschool incorporates voices from a variety of cultures, experiences, and points of view. Amber’s Heritage Mom packs are exactly what I would have loved to use with my younger kids.

Each pack includes:

  • – a list of recommended living books (with book summaries and at-a-glance lesson plans)
  • – a suggested weekly page breakdown with recommendations for books across multiple age ranges
  • – suggestions for optional videos and one or two bonus books – just for fun!

5. Book Club Resources from Celebrate a Book

Book Clubs have remained a fantastic part of our homeschool year every single year. I began organizing book clubs over 5 years ago and I love the memories we created.

From our Morbin Blackbird Pinata at our book club for The Green Ember to my Effie Trinket outfit for a book club for The Hunger Games, book clubs have been fun and educational.

As a result, I created a section of my blog for families who love discussing books, Celebrate a Book. You’ll find book club guides with everything you need as well as free resources to support you as you discuss books with your kids.

Start with this free set of discussion questions that you can use for any book:

Click to download discussion questions for any book.

6. Number Curriculum from Beauty of Play

The curriculum options are beautiful as well as educational. These math lessons encourage the development of number sense through number and mathematics exploration. I have a feeling if we were able to use this curriculum then I would have had I would have just as much fun as the kids!

The curriculum guides include helpful video links as part of the instruction, so you have plenty of support as the parent.

You should definitely grab the FREE Stain Glass Rose Window activity!

elementary homeschool math

7. Rooted in Language

In the last few years, the ladies at Rooted in Language have expanded their products and have incredible options for early literacy teaching. I have heard great things from friends who have used these products with their younger children. I know I would have loved to have these products when my kids were learning to read, spell, and write.

In addition to curriculum products you can use with your children, you’ll find online classes that teach YOU (the parent) how to assist your child. It’s professional development assistance for the teacher, which is so valuable!

8. Outschool Classes

While Outschool began in 2015, I didn’t hear about it until a few years ago. Admittedly, we were busy doing our thing and I didn’t look into it much. In the meantime, it continued to grow.

Now Outschool offers thousands of classes for a variety of academic subjects and creative pursuits. You can find classes for writing, math, cooking, art, and more! My 16-year-old was even looking at a variety of cosplay/improv classes!

While Outschool is still a great find in the teen years, I wish I had known about it with my little ones. There are so many creative classes so kids can learn from someone else. I am sure my older kids would have appreciated the chance to have their “own class”. In addition, as a mom of so many little ones, I could have used a break occasionally!

Of course, if you do have elementary schoolers, I’d be thrilled to have them join me in some of my book clubs for elementary school. My classes are one of the many great options you can find on Outschool:

9. The Never Board Learning Community

Online membership communities are a wonderful addition to the homeschool world, but finding the right one is definitely a challenge. I am certain that my kind of people would have been in Cait’s game-schooling community, Never Board Learning.

Playing games and having fun have always been a priority in our homeschool. When my kids were little, it would have been such a gift to have a community of like-minded homeschool moms.

There are so many great ways to have fun while learning during the elementary school years and this group is full of creative ideas and support. (for teens too!)

While I know I can’t return to the elementary years, I hope that this list helps you find new resources to make your homeschool sparkle this year!

What elementary homeschool resources would you add to the list?

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