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How to Create A Christmas Carol Unit Study for Homeschooling

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A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is one of the classic books of the Christmas season and is a delightful tale for all ages. Who can resist this tale of Ebenezer Scrooge as he learns what’s really important in life, during the holiday season and every day?

You can create A Christmas Carol unit study for your kids this holiday season. With just a few of these ideas, you can make your time with Ebenezer a memory for years to come.

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Reading a Christmas Carol with Kids

I’ll be honest, I didn’t read this one for many years because I wasn’t so sure I’d enjoy the original story. Sure, I loved the movie versions, but was the writing of Charles Dickens really going to be a delightful holiday classic to read with my kids?

Yes. Yes it was. This was a completely delightful tale to read aloud and enjoy with my kids. I had no idea there would be such humor in the story, but I found myself laughing out loud as we listened to the audio version.

There are several great ways to make your time reading into a delightful memory.

Classic Book Versions to Read

There are so many versions of this story that you can certainly find one appropriate for your family. From picture book adaptations to the classic novel, the options are endless for this popular book.

A Christmas Carol: Original Versions

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (the original) – The classic tale was shorter than I anticipated and worked well as a read-aloud for my 8, 10, 13 and 15-year-olds. (of course, I used an audio version)

AUDIO VERSION of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens – The classic tale read aloud for you. (we enjoy it this way)

An Illustrated Version of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens – There are so many that I suggest reading the reviews or checking one out at the library before purchasing

A Christmas Carol classic story
A Christmas Carol audiobook version
A Christmas Carol Illustrated Classic

A Christmas Carol: Teen Versions

A Christmas Carol: The Graphic Novel – This was a fun addition to our month, though we used it in addition to the classic tale, not instead of it. There are several graphic versions and this is the one we own.

Scrooge #worstgiveever (OMG Classics) – This is a fantastically fun addition to a house of teens. The classic tale is told through a series of text messages, check-ins, group chats, and social media posts. (NOTE: There are occasional abbreviations that include language – “OMFG” – though the curse words aren’t written out. Parental Discretion Advised)

A Christmas Carol graphic novel
Scrooge OMG Dickens

A Christmas Carol: Versions for Young Kids

A Pop-Up Version
An Illustrated Child’s Version
Seek and Find Classics – abridged version with items to find in the illustrations
Usborne Young Reading Version

A Christmas Carol Popup
Illustrated kid's Christmas Carol
Seek and Find Illustrated Classic
A Christmas Carol Young Readers

Host a Christmas Carold Book Club Party

Now that you have read the book, how about having a celebration of the story that will bring the book to life and create lasting memories for your family?

Plan a special day to celebrate the end of your reading with some Christmas decorations, special foods, games, and activities. You can hunt for ideas online, brainstorm a few of your own, or you can grab the Celebrate a Book Guide: A Christmas Carol.

It includes everything you need to celebrate this book. You’ll find ideas for decorations, food, games, and crafts as well as discussion questions so you can dive deeper into the plot and themes of this book.

The ideas in this guide are organized by Christmas past, present, and future. This makes it easy to throw a progressive party and celebrate a different time period in each room of your house, or toss it all together and mix it up.

A great way to end your celebration is by watching the book come to life in one of the many movie versions of this tale.

Create a Christmas Carol Unit Study for your homeschool this holiday season.

Watch a Movie Version

There are so many versions of this classic story that it can be hard to choose. From kid-friendly versions to those more suited for teens and adults, you are sure to find a version your family will enjoy this holiday season.

A Christmas Carol (1984)
Disney’s A Christmas Carol (2009) – this one is animated
A Christmas Carol (1999) – with Patrick Stewart
The Muppet Christmas Carol
Disney’s A Christmas Carol – with Jim Carrey
Scrooged – with Bill Murray

I recommend using Common Sense Media if you need more information about the content of any particular film.

Grab a free set of Book to Movie Discussion Questions
so you can easily compare the book and the movie:

Plan A Christmas Carol Homeschool Study

This A Christmas Carol literature study is designed to dig deeper into the book and make it easy to include it in your homeschool plans for the month.

A unit study for A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

You’ll find activities for each of the five staves in the book that include vocabulary, comprehension questions, summarizing activities, and more.

There are also activities for the end of the book to explore the theme, characters traits, and more.

Learn more about Charles Dickens

Enjoy a Movie

The Man Who Invented Christmas (2017) This movie dramatized the tale of Dickens’s journey when writing A Christmas Carol.

The man who invented christmas movie

Read a Charles Dickens Biography

Who was Charles Dickens by Pam Pollack is a short biography, perfect for any age child (or adult) who wants an overview of the life of Charles Dickens.

Who was Charles Dickens

Enjoy Unit Study on Charles Dickens

This Who was Charles Dickens Unit Study from The Waldock Way includes everything you need to learn more about the author of this famous tale. You’ll find so many fun and educational worksheets to add to your Christmas School:

Book List
YouTube Playlist
Coloring Page
Copy Work in 3 Levels (Tracing, Print, Cursive)
Biography Recording Worksheet
Map Work (US or World)
Compare & Contrast Worksheet
Timeline Worksheet and Match Game
Trivia Card Game

Add just a few of these great ideas or add them all. No matter what you choose to do, you and your family are going to make some great memories with this story.

Have a great month learning about this memorable, classic tale and its author.

Looking for more Christmas School ideas?

Looking for some fun surprises?


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