Must-Read Books About New Years Resolutions For Kids

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Discover a variety of books about new year’s resolutions for kids to enjoy during the new year’s season. You and your kids will find inspiration for goal setting as well as fascinating facts about New Year’s traditions around the world.

This list of books about new years resolution for kids includes lots of titles for goal setting.

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The Value Of New Year’s Resolutions For Kids

New Year’s resolutions aren’t only for adults. Kids can also start to think about their own goals when it is time to ring in the new year.

Goal setting gives children allows children the opportunity for self-reflection, to practice decision-making skills, and to develop a sense of purpose. Children can set goals to support their hobbies or make small changes in their habits or attitudes.

Thinking about goals over the course of a year might be too much for young children. Families can start with goals for January and then make time to revisit those goals at the end of the month.

Parents should make sure that goal-setting with children is done in a positive light in order to build their self-confidence and autonomy. Goals should be created to celebrate a child’s identity and strengthen their confidence. If a child doesn’t respond well, then goal setting can wait for another year or two as the child matures.

A great way to keep goal-setting in a positive light is to include celebrations as part of your goal-setting time. These books about new years for kids will help set a positive tone for your celebrations and goal setting.

In addition to goal setting, we like to take time to look back at the previous year and record our favorite memories. Years ago we began completing the same Year in Review printable. This printable is such a fun way to record a snapshot of my children as they are in that moment while encouraging them to set a few goals for the year to come.

This image shows a free new years printable for kids.

Must-Read Books About New Year’s Resolutions For Kids

Feliz New Year, Ava Gabriela
 Alexandra Alessandri

Ava and her parents are visiting family in Colombia during the New Year celebration. While Ava is excited to join in all of the new year’s fun, she also feels nervous around so many new family members. Will she feel comfortable in time to join the festivities?

This is a fantastic New Year’s book that will introduce your children to some of the South American, traditions to celebrate new years eve, such as eating beñuelos and building an el Año Viejo.

Happy New Year Everywhere
Arlene Erlbach

Learn all of the various ways people in different countries celebrate the New Year. Twenty countries are represented in this story.

Bringing in the New Year
Grace Lin

This simple picture book is a wonderful introduction to some of the traditional Chinese New Year celebrations. A short summary of the history and meaning of Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year) is included in the back.

After the Fall (How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again)
Dan Santat

This inspiring tale is a perfect read for New Year’s and goal setting as readers learn what happens to Humpty Dumpty after his fall. While he is scared to climb the wall, he faces his fear and achieves his goal to conquer the wall yet again. Books about New Years resolutions for kids such as this one help remind us that everyone might fail, but we can pick ourselves back up and try again.

Freedom Soup
Tami Charles

In this picture book full of frolicking and fun, readers will learn about Freedom Soup, a traditional dish enjoyed as part of the New year celebration in Haiti. The soup dates back to the Haitian Revolution and a basic history of the revolution is also introduced.

Every Month is a New Year
Marilyn Singer

While you might be preparing to celebrate the New Year on January 1, many people from around the world celebrate at different times. Learn more about various New Year’s celebrations in these meaningful poems by Marilyn Singer.

Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolutions
Pat Miller

Publisher’s Description: “Squirrel knows that New Year’s Day is a great day for making resolutions! But what does it mean to make a resolution, anyway? As she makes visits around the forest she learns about New Year’s resolutions and helps her friends get started on theirs. If only she can think of a resolution of her very own.”

The Night Before New Year’s
Natasha Wing

Publisher’s Description: “Another title in Natasha Wing’s bestselling Night Before series! It’s the night before New Year’s, and the whole family is determined to stay up until midnight! Everyone’s stocked up on sparkly streamers and festive party hats, but after a night filled with card games and too many cupcakes, the little ones are getting sleepy. . . Can they make it until the clock strikes twelve?”

Shante Keys and the New Year’s Peas
Gail Piernas-Davenport

Publisher’s Description: “Shanté Keys loves New Year’s Day! But while Grandma fixed chitlins, baked ham, greens, and cornbread, she forgot the black-eyed peas! Oh no―it’ll be bad luck without them! So Shanté sets out to borrow some from the neighbors.”

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