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Anne of Green Gables Book Club

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While our January Boomerang Book Club meeting couldn’t relocate to Prince Edward Island, I did attempt to capture the feeling of a tea party with Anne at Green Gables as much as possible.

Celebrate Anne of Green Gables with a tea party themed book club for kids.

The table was set for a full tea party to enjoy while having our book discussion.  At the center of our table were pink roses, after all, Anne herself declares, “After all, the only real roses are pink ones.  They are the flowers of love and faith.”

Book Club for Kids: Anne of Green Gables

The treats at our table included raspberry cordial, pudding (though it wasn’t plum), cookies, cucumber sandwiches, and biscuits with strawberry preserves.

My plan was to make homemade vanilla ice cream after our discussion and craft, but we had had enough sugar.

Part of the sugary fun included this layered pudding in a cup, complete with a Sculpey clay mouse who didn’t fall in!  But we enjoyed the memory of Anne’s plum pudding mishap.

Host a book club for kids about Anne of Green Gables.

All in all, our discussion of the book went well. It was a typical book discussion with middle school girls. Lots of giggles. Lots of quiet. Lots of distraction. But in the middle of the giggles, insightful discussion existed.

We had a very thoughtful discussion about whether or not Anne of Green Gables was a piece of feminist literature.  I was impressed with the girls’ conclusions which were supported with good reasoning.

Anne of Green Gables Book Club: Discussion Questions

You can find plenty of options for discussion online if you search for Anne of Green Gables Discussion Questions.

Lit Lovers has ten questions to get the discussion started.

Schmoop is another great site with five open-ended questions you can use with your book club.

Anne of Green Gables Book Club: Craft



After our discussion, the girls created an Anne of Green Gables bookmark.

We named it the “Creepy Craft” because it appeared that Anne was squished in my book.

We laughed and laughed and laughed over this one.

Once their braids were tied, the girls wrote their favorite line from the book on the back of the bookmark.

Despite the creepiness of the bookmark, everyone had a good laugh and went home with a memorable token from our time together.

In the end, a great time was had by all.

I feel so fortunate to have such fun with this group of gals!

“Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It’s splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.” – Anne of Green Gables

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  1. Anne of Green Gables was my all-time favorite book as a teen. I just read it aloud to my 11yo d this past summer who is just like Anne {even down to the red hair} 🙂 Looks like you all had a great time!

    1. How fun! I think we might listen to it on audio as a family. I am pretty sure my boys will enjoy it too. Anne is such a fun child.

    1. Thanks Amy! I loved this series as a middle schooler. It was fun to revisit it!

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