Adventurous Hunger Game Literature Study Field Trips

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Reading The Hunger Games series with my teen offered a great opportunity for some memorable Hunger Games field trips and fun!

Not only did we visit a few of the sites where the Hunger Games movie was filmed, but we had a ton of fun enjoying this book in our homeschool book club with friends.

I highly recommend diving into all of the fun options you can have with the Hunger Games book series.

Hunger Games Field Trips for tweens and teens

Studying The Hunger Games Book Series In Our Homeschool

When we read The Hunger Games series, I knew it would make a fantastic homeschool study. The world created by Suzanna Collins is such an incredible one to explore through discussion and adventure.

I immediately added it to my daughter’s book club list and we immersed ourselves into a Hunger Games Book Club, complete with themed decor and food.

I led the book club discussion dressed as Effie Trinket and called the attendees “tributes” the entire evening. It was a ton of fun and a great memory for all of us.

Effie Trinket attends our Hunger Games book club

Not only does this series offer a wonderful opportunity to discuss dystopic literature, but it is filled with fantastic characters to explore. The Hunger Games book club guide includes discussion questions for anyone who wants to dig deeper into this series.

Field Trips For Your Hunger Games Literature Study

When we discovered that the Hunger Games was filmed here in North Carolina, we decided to hit a few of the well-known spots.

District 12 (Henry River Mill Village)

In Hickory, NC you can find the location of the run-down buildings you see in the movie in District 12.

These well-known scenes were filmed at the Henry River Mill Village, located just off Route 40 in Hickory.

At one time, Hunger Games tours were offered through an unofficial tour group. They are no longer offered because the Mill Village was purchased by a private individual.

Thankfully, that individual has set up the opportunity to explore the Henry River Mill Village so you can check out their website.

Take a stroll through District 12 at the Henry River Mill Village

The new owners have renovated two of the buildings so you can stay overnight in the Henry River Mill Village! Imagine spending a night in District 12 – how fun would that be?

The lodging option wasn’t available to us at the time, so I have no idea what it is like but it looks like a great opportunity.

Peeta’s Bakery

One of our favorite buildings at the Henry River Mill Village was Peeta’s Bakery. I have no idea what the new owner has done with it, but I suspect it is still available for exploring.

Take a Field Trip to Peeta's Bakery in Henry River Mill Village where Hunger Games was filmed.

It’s the perfect spot for an easily recognizable photo. If you plan, you can bring a loaf of bread and pose with some photos.

Triple Falls

Triple Falls is a well-known hike in DuPont State Forest in Brevard County, NC located south of Asheville. Scenes from the arena were filled along this hike.

Locations of the filming spots are not marked, nor is there an official tour offered anymore, but as you hike and explore the falls you will recognize locations.

A scene from the Hunger Games movie.

It was around this spot (at the base of Triple Falls) that Katniss found Peeta wounded and hiding with camouflage in the woods.

Bridal Veil Falls

This hike is also located in Brevard County, NC though it is much longer than the hike at Triple Falls.

Once you reach Bridal Veil Falls, you’ll recognize a few locations from the movie. The most obvious to us was the moment Katniss was in a deeper pool of water and the career tributes came over the rocky horizon.

Hunger Games was filmed at this location in Brevard County.

It’s also a beautiful hike to enjoy on a nice day, which is a fantastic bonus to the entire field trip.

More Adventurous Literature Studies For Your Homeschool

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Host a Local Book Club

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