US Geography with Pin It Maps

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Our US History Pin It Maps arrived on the doorstep last week and I was ready.

I had been eyeing the Pin It Maps for a while and had done my research. I was definitely prepared.

One large 4×6 photo storage container and the necessary quilting pins were already sitting in the dining room as I eagerly opened the box.

And while I didn’t plan it, I also had an army of flag assemblers ready to go because my parents were in town visiting me that weekend.  I put them right to work assembling our flags. We were able to chat and catch up while accomplishing something.

Bonus points for that visit, right?

We finished assembling every single flag during their visit which allowed me to kick off our school day on Monday with our new maps. It only took a few minutes for me to feel certain that Geography and History in our house had just struck gold.

Learn how to use Pin It Maps for studying US History and Geography. Add some hands-on fun to your home, classroom, or homeschool.

{This post contains affiliate links. I offered to write a review in exchange for the US Pin It map bundle but you can rest assured that the opinions are my own. You can read my full disclosure.}

What are Pin It Maps?

Pin It Maps are beautiful, high-quality maps that can be used by kids over and over again to “pin” historical and physical locations all around the world.  Pin It Maps make it easy to throw out the worksheets and engage your students with hands-on learning.

Each set comes with control maps (think: Answer Key) as well as a large 18″x24″ map for pinning.

Learn US Physical Geography with Pin It Maps.

Students can pin the flags on the large maps while referring to the control map (or an Atlas) as needed. The control maps encourage your students to work independently by giving them the ability to check their own work.

Of course, independence isn’t a requirement because it is so much fun for mom to join in as well.

What comes with the Pin It Map US Bundle?

The United States/US History bundle includes three USA pin map sets: the United States, US History 1800s, and Early America.  This bundle will allow your kids to pin the physical features in the US, 14 National Parks, Civil War and Revolutionary War battles, Westward Expansion trails, and more!

Your Set Includes:
3 — 18 x 24″ Pin Maps (USA, US History 1800s, Early America)
2 — Foam Sheets (18 x 24 x .5″) with plastic corners
11 — 12 x 18″ Control Maps
557 flag labels and state/ historical flags
Plastic flag poles and flag bases
1/2″ Transparent Scotch tape for colored flag labels
3/4″ Transparent Scotch tape for state/ historical flags

Seriously. Even the tape you need to assemble the flags is included.

The Pin It Maps US Bundle comes with everything you need to get started.

The maps and flags are printed on heavy card-stock and the pin map is laid on a sheet of 18×24 foam held by plastic corners. The maps and flags are coated with a gloss finish for durability.  You do not need to laminate the flags.

What else do you need to purchase?

Creating the flags will require 1-3/4″ Quilters Pins.

I purchased a pack of 500 and it was not enough.  I had to run to the local store and grab an additional small pack of 175.

In the end, I had some leftover pins to store for any future maps I purchase.

In addition, you need to consider how you want to store the pins.

I purchased one large 4×6 photo storage bin (photo on the left) and there were enough compartments for this US History Bundle.

How does the Pin It Map work?

Your 18″x24″ laminated map is attached to a piece of foam board with four plastic corners.  These corners work to hold your map in place.

The pin is stuck through the map and into the foam board, which holds it in place. The pins are built with a “bumper” in place to keep the pin from going through the foam board.

This is how our Pin It Mpas work.

How could you use Pin It Maps?

The best part about the maps is that they can be used on their own or as a compliment to your current US History study.

We just wrapped up the Civil War and I wish I had had these maps. They would have been so useful as we worked through our textbook.

Pin it Maps use control maps to help your students pin their responses on the main map.


Of course, we can still go back and review the Civil War, Westward Expansion or even the Revolutionary War. My kids enjoy all of these topics and they coordinate so well with the Nathan Hale books that everyone in the house (including me now) is reading.

Right now we are working on learning the U.S. States and Cities. My 14-year-old can pin them without help, but my 10 and 7-year-old kids need to work on the basic states.

For now, we are going to stick with U.S. physical geography because our History studies have moved on to World War I.

How do you make the flags for the U.S. Pin It Maps?

The flags arrive pre-cut and ready for you to attach them to the pins. This is the most time-consuming part of the Pin It Map set up.  You will either need to binge some Netflix videos or find some really great friends. Maybe you can find a friend who ordered a set and you can create the flags for both of you together over hot tea and good conversation.

The day the Pin It Maps arrived, I recorded a live Facebook video showing the materials and how to make the flags:

What control maps are included in the Pin It Maps U.S. Bundle?

The Pin It Maps in the US bundle include the following control maps:The Reference maps included in the Pin It Map US Bundle.

  • US States
  • US Cities
  • US State Flags
  • US States Land & Water Forms
  • American Indians & Early Settlements
  • The Thirteen Colonies
  • French and Indian War
  • Revolutionary War
  • The American Indians 1800’s
  • Westward Expansion
  • The Civil War

When it comes to US History, the sky is truly the limit.  Spend an afternoon pinning the National Parks, US States, Indian Tribes of the 1800’s, the battles of the Revolutionary War, or capital cities.

Pin It Maps US Bundle Information.

There are various ways to engage a variety of learners.  I have no doubt that we will use the maps for many years to come.

In fact, this was the scene in my house on our first afternoon…

You can purchase Pin It Maps for the United States and for every continent.  Check out all of the choices on their website.

Want 10% off your order? Use the code: maps

Happy Map Pinning!


Learn how to use Pin It Maps for studying US History and Geography. Add some hands-on fun to your home, classroom, or homeschool.


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  1. Do you have problems with little pin holes in the maps after multiple uses?

    1. Chantelle, Not so far, but the holes do remain. I suspect after a TON of use, you might feel like the holes are too much. I don’t see that happening anytime too soon. The maps have remained very stable.

    1. They are flat on the ground, under a chair in the family room. The photo boxes with the pins are on a bookcase! I used to have the maps stored upright beside that bookcase until I had to move it.

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