The Outsiders Book Club for Kids

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The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton was our book club title this month and all of the attendees enjoyed the book.

The uniqueness of this book is enhanced if you read a bit of background about the author, a high school-aged girl.  She wrote the majority of the book the year that she received a D in Creative Writing, which is an interesting story in itself.

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Each month we rotate houses and the host mom IMG_0108prepares our snack while I lead a book discussion.

The Outsiders Book Club: Atmosphere

This month, the girls approached me with the idea that they wanted to dress up as Greasers. I was truly tickled that they were embracing the fun and adventure of our book club meetings. I suspect this idea arose from my appearance as Effie at our Hunger Games book club in September.

Of course, I agreed and decided that I would dress up as a Soc (short for Social).

The majority of the group came dressed as a Greaser so there weren’t every many Socs present.

Our hostess mom surprised the girls with a truly fun surprise, well known to those of us who grew up in the ’80s, but a completely new treat for these gals!

Yep, the mom who hosted this particular book club was able to track down candy cigarettes to add to the atmosphere of the evening.

The Outsiders Bookclub: Snacks

After a lively book discussion, we headed downstairs for some “Outsiders” themed snacks.

IMG_0114  IMG_0115

The Outsiders Book Club: Questions

You can search google for The Outsiders discussion questions to find plenty of great questions for your discussion. Look for open-ended questions that will create conversation. Here are a few sites to get you started:

Shmoop: The Outsiders

Sparknotes: The Outsiders (sample answers provided)

The Outsiders Book Club: Decor

A little table decor…

IMG_0116  IMG_0118

After a lively discussion, the girls watched the movie, The Outsiders, with all of the heart-throb male stars of the 80’s. They headed home with their parting gift, a reminder to “stay gold”.


I loved this night with these gals and am so thankful for the moms who are as crazy about our Book Club as I am.

Enjoy Celebrating Books!



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