Over 15 Exciting Ways to Have Fun with Your Family in February

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February is the month of love and there are easy ways to shower love on your family as we celebrate Valentines Day.  Even beyond Valentines Day, there are so many other great ways to connect as a family this month.

The seasonal qualities of February are similar to the ones that made January so special:

It’s dark.  It’s cold.  And sometimes, if you are lucky, it is white.

Take some time this month to have some fun and connect as a family.  To make it a bit easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of ways you can make some family memories this month.

Before you feel any sort of pressure to attack all of these ideas, let me assure you that I won’t be doing them all.

Instead, I’ve compiled this list for all of us to peruse and then purposefully select the activities that will work best for our family this month.  After all, we want to connect with our kids and NOT connect with a “to-do” list.

Over 15 Things to Do in February

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Things to do in February: Snow Activities

1.  Go sledding

If the white stuff appears, go for it.  Snow tubes work well in fluffy snow, though southerners find that a pool swim tube will work in a pinch!  These flexible flyers are a favorite in this house and they work well in all types of snow and ice.

Be a kid again and join in the fun.  I admit that I typically send Daddy for this sort of fun while I sip hot tea and take pictures, but I have taken a turn before and busted a snow tube on the ice. Classic mom moment for sure.

2. Make Snow Ice Cream

Need a recipe?  It’s quick, easy, and delicious.  Just be sure to grab some clean snow!  I like to put out a few bowls to collect the snow while it is still falling from the sky.

3.  Draw a Snowy Evening

Break out the chalk pastels AND get inspired by one of my favorite poems while you create this simple snowy scene.  This scene is inspired by Susan Jeffers’ illustrations in this picture book version of Robert Frost’s poem, “Stopping Woods on a Snowy Evening”.  We adore this book!

4.  Take a Snow Day

I’m looking at YOU, homeschooling mom!  Surprise the kids with a snow day that doesn’t include any school work.

5.  Make a Snowman

You can take this one literally and make one in the snow outside, or you can make this mixed media one from That Artist Woman.  Bonus points for completing this mixed media activity in February because it is a Valentine’s Snowman.

Things to do in February: Ideas for the Dark

One of the great advantages of February is the early darkness. The house gets dark well before bedtime and the fun can begin!  If you missed them, there are plenty of ideas involving candles on my January Family Fun list of activities.

6. Play with Flashlights

If your kids don’t own flashlights, Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to grab a few.  When the sun goes down, play hide and seek in the dark or invent a crazy game of your own.  If you turn off all of the lights in your house and pass out flashlights, I promise you that games will begin.

I don’t just make this stuff up, we live this stuff in our nutty house. And if you want a little view of it, this past periscope of “Sneak-a-Game” reveals the craziness:

7. Shine A Light Books

Have you seen these? They are perfect for reading with your flashlights!  Shine a light behind the pages in the book to reveal new images!  The Secrets of Winter was a Christmas gift to one child in this house, along with his requested handle glowing flashlight.

8.  Take a walk in the dark

Bundle up. Make hot drinks. Wear headlamps if you have them.  Simple fun can be quite memorable.

NOTE: A walk in the dark is a real treat for your little ones who don’t get to see late night hours in the summer.  I still remember my little guy getting so excited when he saw the moon the first time and declared, “Look!  Little Sun!”

9. Play with Glow Sticks

Grab a party pack and have some fun while it is dark. During the summer you have to wait until after 9 PM (or later) for fun with glowsticks, but you can start early in the summer and have some glowing fun!

Things to do in February: Valentines Activities

10. I Love You’s

Cut out 14 hearts for each kid.  Write one reason you love that child on each heart.  Beginning on February 1st, tape a heart to their bedroom door.  On Valentines Day, they’ll have 14 hearts on their door.  (If your kids share a bedroom, as my boys do, then use red for one child and pink for the other.)

11. Read a Valentine’s Day book together

a. Pete the Cat: Valentines Day is Cool
b. A Crankenstein Valentine.
c. There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose.

12. Valentine’s Crafts and Activities

a. Tween Valentines Canvas Craft. This one doesn’t require a lot of supplies and I bet your tweens/teens could adapt this with plenty of their own ideas.
b. Valentine’s Day Lava Lamp Fun. Combine a love for science with LOVE on Valentines Day.
c. Create Bleeding Hearts. This one is for the preschool set, but I think my ALL of my kids would like this one. And it is simple.

Things to do in February: Indoor Activities

13.  Have an indoor picnic

Spread a blanket on the floor and enjoy lunch together. You can bring along a picnic basket or just bring your lunch plates to the floor.

14. Build a Fort

It’s a great month to make forts out of blankets.

15.  Break out the sleeping bags

I know it sounds goofy, but gather the sleeping bags leave them somewhere so the kids will see them when they wake up.  You might be surprised at the creative play that will occur.  And if nothing else happens, snuggle down for a family movie.

Things to do in February: Valentines Poetry Teatime

16. Make a few Valentines Treats

a. Valentine’s Day Rice Krispie Treats
b. Cherry Vanilla Puppy Chow
c. Red Velvet Cookies

17. Read Love Themed Poetry Books

a.  No Fear Shakespeare Sonnets. This is a perfect time for a classic Shakespeare Sonnet and we love this “No Fear Shakespeare” series which includes modern English on one page and the original copy on the other page.
b.  It’s Valentines Day (I can read)
c.  I Haiku You

Books. Treats. It’s time for poetry teatime.

More details —> Valentine’s Poetry Teatime post.

Things to do in February: Serious and Silly Conversations

18. Use Conversation Starters

I’ve made it easy for you!
I have an entire year’s worth of conversation starters available for purchase. You can print one month or several to use in your own home.

Tools for Meaningful conversation with your family.

After printing them, I run them through my laminator, cut them out, and put them in a jar on our kitchen table. This makes it easy to grab a few every now and then.

Want to start with a Freebie set of questions? Subscribers to this blog receive a FREE set of “Would You Rather” questions. This is NOT the same set that is included in the Year-Round book. This is a set of questions available ONLY to subscribers.

Got any more ideas to connect with your kids this month? Feel free to comment below and share!

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