Over 30 Inexpensive Gifts That She is Going to Love

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About a year ago, I told my husband that I didn’t want flowers as a gift anymore.

He was more than happy to think outside the box, but he was clueless when it came to inexpensive alternatives that I would enjoy. I decided to make a wishlist to help him out. It worked out so well that I asked friends for their ideas and put them all together in this post.

Hence, this amazing list of ideas was born for anyone who needs little help with some fun treats to surprise her.

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Inexpensive Gifts For Her

These creative and fun gift ideas are perfect for birthdays, holidays, mother’s day, and every day.

They won’t break the bank so you can surprise her anytime this year with a little treat that says you love and appreciate her.

Personal Care Gifts

1. Bath Bombs – My personal favorite set is this one. The scent is subtle and they leave my skin feeling great.

2. Gift Card for a Manicure. Simply visit a local nail salon.

3. An Essential Oil Diffuser – Check out this highly rated version.

4. Aromatherapy Candle 

5. Facial Sheet Masks – These sheet masks have increased in popularity recently. Easy to use and they feel so great.

Snuggly Gifts

6. Soft Blanket – Who doesn’t love a snuggly blanket?

7. Lounge Pants – Perfect for hanging around the house.

8. Microwavable Aromatherapy Neck Wrap

9. Smartwool Socks – Though any fuzzy sock will do, but smartwool are a treat.

10. Fuzzy Socks or Slippers

Fun Gifts for the Home Office

11. Scissors – Because they are always disappearing…

12. Sharpies – Because one can never have too many.

13. Post It Notes – any size will do!

14. Fun Binder Clips

Gift Card Ideas

15. Sephora

16. Starbucks

17. Bookstore

18. Amazon

19. Hobby Lobby

20. Local Resturant

Fun and Practical Gifts

21. Babysitting – Hire a babysitter for 2 hours and let her take a much needed break.

22. Journal for writing – I highly recommend A Novel Journal

23. Journal Pens

24. Teapot for One

25. Tervis Cup

26. Indoor Plants

27. Tea Sampler

28. Adult Coloring Books

29. New Kitchen Dishtowels

30. Blue Tooth Speaker

31. Rae Dunn Mug

32. Chocolates

33. Book Light

You don’t need a reason to shower her with a surprise. These inexpensive gifts will make her feel loved anytime of the year.

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  1. Love this list! I’m in love with our $5 scalp massager from Amazon – the kind with rubbery silicone “fingers” – once you try it, you’ll never go back to scrubbing your scalp with your fingers like a peasant again!

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