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Six Hot Tea Flavors to Brew in Your Cup This Fall

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I am a bit of a tea addict. If you know me, then you know that I am never without a cup of tea in my hand. I like my tea hot and I like my tea cold. They are both delicious. And while I am open to trying most any tea, I definitely have my favorite hot tea flavors.

Want to know what is steeping in my house?

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Favorite Hot Tea Flavors

Harney and Sons
Hot Cinnamon Spice 

This is my favorite flavor all year long, but it is particularly delicious in the fall with all of its spicy fall goodness. Described as “Black Tea with Cinnamons, orange and sweet cloves,” this tea is a fantastic addition to your morning cup!

Harney and Sons
Vanilla Comoro

This is another delicious flavor by Harney and Sons.  This black tea is flavored with vanilla just about perfectly.  You can purchase it in tea bags or loose leaf. I often purchase a decaf version so I can sip this one before bed.

Harney and Sons
Holiday Tea

Clearly, I enjoy tea by Harney and Sons because all of their flavors are fantastic and I could go on and on. This is the last one I will mention specifically. This spiced black tea is perfect in the fall as well as the winter during the holiday season.  While you can find it in the stores during the Christmas season, you can purchase it online anytime!

Awake English Breakfast

This was my favorite Starbucks “go-to” tea.  I don’t think Starbucks uses this brand anymore, but I sure do! This English Breakfast flavor is very bold and will deliver on its promise to keep you awake!  But you don’t have to pay a Starbucks price if you want to buy it to brew at home.

Celestial Seasonings
Sleepytime Vanilla

I rarely do an herbal tea, but I do enjoy this one in the evening when I need something decaf and calming. This tea is mild and has a great vanilla taste.  It is easy to find at your local grocery store or you can buy it online.

Celestial Seasonings
Cinnamon Apple Spice

This is an herbal flavor that I really enjoy in the fall.  The smell is delicious and the cinnamon and spices blend so nicely together.  I love to sip this tea in the evening, on my porch while enjoying the cooler weather in the fall.  This tea tastes like “fall” to me.  Break it out in October and enjoy a cup.

Tell me. What’s Your Cup of Tea?


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  1. We like to use the cinnamon spice in our hot cider. It works really well. Have you tried Harney and Sons White Christmas Tea? It’s really good.

  2. This post is my cup of tea!
    I’ve never tried the Tazo Awake. Is it better than the English breakfast tea by Twinings?
    I love the Tazo Calm at night.

    1. I LOVE the Awake tea. I also have Twinnings English Breakfast. I love them both and just switch it up for fun.

  3. Mary, have you tried Republic of Tea’s Vanilla Almond? I have my eye on that one. I’m wondering how it is. I LOVE the cinnamon one!

    1. I haven’t but it sounds amazing. I will have to add it to my growing collection.

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