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Hoops by Matt Tavares: Discussion Questions and Homeschool Guide

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This historical fiction graphic novel, Hoops by Matt Tavares, follows the story of a girl’s basketball team in the 1970’s as they fight for the same treatment that the boy’s team receives.

Based on the true story of a high school girl’s team, Matt Tavares shares this story with simple, yet creative graphics that readers will enjoy.

I chose Hoops by Matt Tavares for my kid’s graphic novel online book club in 2023.

Hoops by Matt Tavares is a non-fiction graphic novel and this is my review of it.

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Matt Tavares

Genre: Graphic Novel, Realistic Fiction
Length: 272 pages
First Published: 2022

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Publisher’s Description: Hoops

“It is 1975 in Indiana, and the Wilkins Regional High School girls’ basketball team is in their rookie season. Despite being undefeated, they practice at night in the elementary school and play to empty bleachers. Unlike the boys’ team, the Lady Bears have no buses to deliver them to away games and no uniforms, much less a laundry service. They make their own uniforms out of T-shirts and electrical tape. And with help from a committed female coach, they push through to improbable victory after improbable victory.”

My Goodreads Review

This historical fiction takes place in 1975 in Indiana during the Wilkins Regional High School girls’ basketball team’s rookie season. The girls on the team lack all of the basics that a team sport requires – uniforms, a coach, transportation, and more. They solve their problems in creative ways during their undefeated season and they push hard to victory at the state championships. Along the way, the girls’ team begins to get the recognition and fair treatment they deserve.

This is a fantastic story about a group of young girls pursuing equity in sports. Not only is there value in knowing the history of inequity in sports, but there is a valuable lesson about staying committed to what you know is right. I appreciated that the story included the example of one of the boys on the track team organizing the boy’s track team to lend the girls their matching warm-ups. It led to a good discussion about being a part of the solution when you see a problem.

The graphics are simple and the story is easy to read. It’s a fantastic historical fiction for middle grades.

My Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

This hoops book review contains discussion questions for your homeschool study.

Hoops: Discussion Questions for Your Homeschool Study

1. What did you learn about the 1970’s by reading this book? What is similar to today? What is different?

2. What message/theme does this book deliver to all readers even if they aren’t fighting for equality in sports?

3. Look on page 195. What is the impact of the sound clock being included in the graphics? How does it make you feel as you read this section?

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